Understanding himself through cats’ fights

Understanding himself through the cats’ fights

Since Jane was about to leave for Sheerbroke to continue her studies there, she thought that it would be a good idea to have a cat. The house she was living in with her roommates, few of them had cats and she grew a liking for them. Since Sheerbroke was a new city for her and she knew no one there, she decided to have a cat with her in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness that she saw coming like a gigantic plague in her future Sheerbroke life.

She had been looking for cat since her exams were over. She had mentioned it to her roommates at home and colleagues at work that she wished to have a cat. One of her colleagues named Cassandra saw on a web site that a couple had found two new cats and they wished to offer one to who ever was interested. When Cassandra saw the ad, she immediately thought about Jane and the next morning, she told her about it and they went to the website. She fell in love with that cat the moment she saw it. It was a female cat that was three weeks old. Although she had not envisioned having a cat before leaving Montreal, when she saw it, she ceased the opportunity and decided to take it. Three reasons made her take the cat. First, she was madly attracted to it, secondly she did not know if she was going to find another one that would be as cute as the one she saw on the internet that day and thirdly once she had this cat, she no longer had to worry about getting one. It was as if one problem was solved.

Indeed, having the cat handy was taking off her shoulders a big weight. The loneliness she was afraid of would not frighten her as much. She knew that she would have something to take care of other than herself and something that would depend on her when she would arrive in Sheerbroke. The cat would anticipate her arrival at home when they would be in Sheerbroke and would miss her when she will leave to go to work or university. With the cat around her, her life would not be empty. She would have something to touch, to caress, to hold and to take care off. Coming home would mean something. The cat would make her want to go home. Instead of focussing entirely on her studies which could be at times extremely boring, she would have something else to take her mind off university, studies and her loneliness.

She called the couple and scheduled an appointment on the same day to take the cat. When she got it, she called home to tell her roommates that she would bring home a cat with her. She wondered if it was alright with them and they all said that there was absolutely no problem. When she arrived home later that evening, she was extremely excited to show it to everyone. They all came around her cat and they all commented on the size of the new white and black baby cat. She kept on saying that the cat was cute. She kept on asking everyone in the house: “how can anybody not loving her cute little kitty.” Everybody kept on agreeing with her and congratulated her on her new baby. She was right, it was an adorable little, tiny female cat. Anyone who would have seen it would have loved it.



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