Sharing true love with his cat

Sharing love with his cat

Whose happy eyes are those? What exactly are they happy for? Where is this gentle, soft, caring and loving smile coming from? What is at the origin of such an appeasement?

Daniel was playing video games and in between each party, he ran toward the kitchen to make coffee and on his way he usually saw his cat. It was always with great enthusiasm that he often took his cat with his right arm, stood up and brought it at the level of his eyes. Every time Daniel did that, his face changed completely. When he was rushing to the kitchen to make his coffee, he was stressed but the moment the cat was in his arms, his face changed from dark to light. His expressions were turned upside down. He went from anger, frustration and desire to destroy everything that stood between the game and him to a total smile all over his face. All this transformation was happening just because of he saw his cat.

For few seconds, the world did not matter. His voice changed and he looked like whether or not he was killed in the game, he did not care. It was as if he knew instantly that if he was to be killed in his game, his world will not collapse because his cat was still there. If he had to die in his video game, at least the cat would bring him happiness. His face was enlightened when he saw his cat.

He caressed his cat with his left hand and he talk to it as parents usually talked to their newborn children. He told his cat with that same kid’s voice that parents enjoyed taking when they are talking to children that: “ohohohh!!! You are so happy to see daddy right? Right honey? I love you too kitty, I love you too. You do love your daddy right? You’re the best.”

As soon as he said that, he put back the cat on the floor and he went in the kitchen to make his coffee. When he finished, he took his coffee and on his way back to his room, he asked his cat to follow him. He kept on saying to his cat: “You do want to come and stay with daddy right? Come with me, don’t be afraid. Follow me. Do you rather stay in the living room, alright; I have to go play now. Take care and see you later.” and he ran back in his room because he had a mission which was to kill enemies at his video games.

This little interaction with his cat gave Daniel such joy that it was easy to imagine how important the cat was for him. In the house, the cat was almost the only thing that was bringing on his face such a smile. The cat was running to him every time he came back from work or from the grocery store. When he left, the cat was following him trough the door as if it did not want Daniel to leave.



Being human is a strange thing

Being a human is a strange thing

Being a human being is a strange thing. Many things are asked to humans and if they are not careful enough, they can easily forget how capable they are and limit themselves to the smallest version of what they can do. If they are carefully distracted, they can pass by some of the most important thing in their lives without realizing it. They can run away from everything that can help them because nobody told them how to be in this world. Mechanisms have been put in place to scare them of their power and abilities. They were not taught how their being works. They look like people who have discovered a nuclear bomb and who don’t know what it is but they are playing with it. When it blows up on their faces, they are surprised and they do not even realise that it is the nuclear bomb that is responsible of their trouble.

Whatever happens, they refuse to learn about the instrument they are playing with because they don’t have time, they like the fun they are having with it a little bite too much. They do not want to stop their fun to learn about the instrument they are playing with. Maybe, deep down deep, they know that if they learn about it, they will have to take their responsibilities. They know that they would have to be careful and pay attention to what they are doing and none of them would like to do that because they rather have fun than taking their responsibilities. They prefer blindness to the truth because the truth supposedly takes the fun away from them. When you pretend genuinely that you don’t know and believe that you don’t know, you can destroy everything and not being linked to it. You can blame others for your own mistakes and you do not have to do any effort. If they go that way, they know that it will never stop. This explains why they prolonged their childhood even if they are adult. They fake adulthood but their behaviours are childish. Rare are the humans who have the tenacity, the will and the patience to take the time to know themselves, to take their responsibilities and to do what must be done.


Why do we imagine the worst?

Why do we imagine the worst?

Why do we imagine the worst? Why do we expect the worst? Before anything what is imagination? How do we dare imagine anything about world and our future when we know nothing about the world or us? Who told us about the world? Who taught us about the world? What was their knowledge about the world when they decide to talk to us about it? Who took the time to give us an accurate account of what we are and what the world is? What knowledge do we know about our body, our world, our lives, the earth we live in and what surrounds us?

We are a strange species. We use things that are around us without knowing what they are or how they work and what the consequences of the usage of those things will be on us and on the world. Did we forget our history? What exactly is so damaging about our history that we decided to completely forget about it? Why do we act as if what is being taught to us in school and university is the complete truth or even close to the truth? Why do we swallow it when we know that most of it is either a construction or a lie? Why do we pretend that we believe in those stories when deep down deep we know they have nothing to do with the truth?

What is the pact that we decide to take among ourselves in order to forget? What brought us to this pact and what did we gain out of it? What exactly is alluring us about our amnesia? What are the benefits of staying blind for us and for the world? What are the gains of ignoring how we are, what we are made of, where we are going? What is so exciting about not caring about the earth? Maybe, when we pretend that we do not know, it allows us to deny our responsibility. When we do not know the truth, we can not be blame for it? Maybe we are sick of responsibilities? Maybe we did it so much with so little results? Maybe we were tired of taking responsibilities? Maybe we took our responsibilities and it did not bring us what we expected? Maybe we did whatever we were supposed to do and it did not bring us what we were supposed to have. The shock was so bad, so violent and so intense that most of our ancestors decided that they would never be caught again on caring for the earth and they gave us that gene? They ended up hating everything. They no longer believed in anything. They did not want to hear about responsibilities. No matter what the elders did, they did not want to listen. They were hurt way too much and way too deep. Nothing that the wisest could do was able to touch them. Even the elders were just doing what they used to do without believing in it anymore. Everybody felt duped and they chose to be blind.


The truth

The truth

What are the games you play in order to pretend that you are not on earth and that you do not have a mission to accomplish?

How many times have you been hurt before you choose to play against the earth and the cosmos instead of working for it?

Do you even remember that there was a time when you were completely devoted to the earth and the cosmos?

How many projects were you not able to realise? How many failures did you endure before abandoning? How frustrated were you when you said to yourself: “what the hell? If everything I am trying to do is failing and the ones above do not want to give me their help, well, I am going to be on the side of destruction?”

How many lives of yours did you just want to break? How much did you hate your presence on earth and the conditions you were living in? How much did you want to destroy everything? How much did you hate yourself before you start playing against yourself? How frustrated were you with your conditions before you started to destroy everything around you?

How many times did you actually wanted to kill the divine? How abandon did you feel when you decide to do it? How many times did you align your life in order to destroy the divine?

How often did you and do you play against yourself because you hated and still hate what the divine authorize you to have? Do you even see that you hate the divine because of what you choose to have? Do you even see that you hate him because you were not able to pick what was good for you? Do you even see that you want to destroy everything because you hate everything and since you do not have the potential to do it, you want to destroy yourself?

Your incapacity to change your situation is driving you to hell. How far in hell are you? How many times have you signed a pact to stay in hell? How many times have you refused to follow the truth because you have been frustrated by it before?

Well, the truth is the only way out, it is not easy but it is the only way out. Either you die trying to get out of hell or you stay in hell and you will keep on playing against yourself and as long as you are going to hate the divine for being in hell, you will go deeper into it. The only way out is to follow the truth.

Master of snakes

Master of snakes

Little Joe woke up, took his shower and went to take his breakfast. When he arrived at the breakfast table he saw that his father was already there and after asking how his father’s night had been, he quickly went to the subject that was on his mind.

He told his father: “they came again”. His father smiled and looked at him. Joe insisted: “I am not joking, they came again”. Again his father looked at him with a proud smile that his son was not able to translate. Joe was expecting a different reaction from his father and seeing that his father was not as alarmed as he was, he asked him: “why are you smiling like this? I would like to know because I am beginning to be worry about all these things.” The father: “why are you worried? When somebody is coming to see you, it is because they want to see you. They might have something important for you. Maybe they like you and they appreciate you.” Joe: “if they were that good, how come everybody is so scared of them? How come everybody who would be in my situation would be at least as anxious or even extremely scared or frightened as I am? If everybody hated them and still do today, there must be a reason.” The father: “well, I don’t know what you are doing but they certainly like you very much in order for them to come to you as often as they do.” Joe: “what is it that I am doing that is attracting them and above all, why aren’t you as panicked as I am?”

The mum joined the conversation and said: “how many were they?” Joe: “a lot, lots of them”. The mum: “were they doing something to you? Were they attacking you? Were they running after you?” Joe hesitated and said: “well, they were not exactly doing any of those things but their presence was not reassuring. I got scared the moment I saw them. When I tried to run away from them, they were still there and I woke up.” The mum: “what did I tell you last time you saw them?” Joe thought for a moment and was a bite frustrated and said: “yeah but, but…..”. The mum: “but what?” Joe: “but…, it is easier said than done”.


Drago the himalayan cat was full of love

Drago, the Himalayan cat was full of love

Drago, the little Himalayan cat was living his life as if nothing was happening. He was witnessing everything that took place in the house he was living in. He was the silent witness of the four roommates’ relationships in the house. He saw their hypocrisy, their struggles to live together, their difficulties to adapt to one another, the challenges life put in front of them in order to open their heart and how they failed to do it. He knew what they hate about each other and what their individual internal dramas were.

Every time one of the roommates was close to him and was feeling bad, before they even knew it themselves that they were not at their best and without even realising themselves what was the true cause of their suffering, Drago the little Himalayan cat was the first one to notice and to come close to them. He sensed it before they actually saw it. His eyes saw it coming and he run to do his magic. His presence appeased them. They immediately forgot about what was troubling them.

God! They felt good when they realized that maybe Drago the little one knew them and understood them very well. When the cat was coming near them, they just hugged him more than they would have hugged their lovers or boyfriends and perhaps members of their family.

Whenever they finished working or achieve something big in their life or they lost an important opportunity, they always run to the cat and hugged him. He was part of their life. Since he was sharing the bad times with them, they wanted to share the good times with him as well. It was in the softness of his skin and the warmth of his body that they found comfort in either joy or sadness.

The only thing Drago was asking is for someone to put some food in his cup when he needed. As for the rest which everybody in the house was addicted to, he was doing it automatically as if it was his natural duty to be on their side when they needed. Drago, the Himalayan cat was full of love.

How dependent are you?

How dependent are you?

How dependent are you of the feeling of abandonment from both of your parents? How dependent are you of the love and approval of others?

How dependent of the love and affection are you of the one you love? How dependent are you of the ideas that you think are yours? How dependent are you of your children?

How dependent are you of the love you give to others? It is a nice drug but it is a drug nonetheless.

How dependent are you of your beliefs? It is a nice drug but it is still a drug. You are no different than a drug addict who is living on the streets. Of course the side effects are rewarding but you are still on dependence.

What are the drugs that you take that nobody consider as drugs? How much applause do you get when you use those drugs? How many people envy the drugs you take? How many people would kill to get those invisible drugs? How many drugs are you taking and how much do you depend on those?

It is not because you do not inject something inside your body that you are not on drug. Once you have grown out of the illegal and legal drugs, maybe it is time to detach yourself from the drugs that everybody approves and recommend.

Tell me my friends, how dependent are you?

Cleaning is an act of love

Cleaning is an act of love

Cleaning is to recognize that something is dirty. Acknowledging the dirtiness surrounding us is a sign that we are connected to our environment.

It is the proof that we see the outside world as a continuation of who we are. Even though cleaning outside is a legitimate thing to do, once we have cleaned the outside, let’s not forget to clean the inside.

Let’s not be obsessed by the outside cleaning when we are unable to clean inside because no matter how clean our environment will be, it will never replace the dirtiness we have inside. Cleaning outside can not be a remedy to the clean-up we need to do inside.

Once we are clean inside, everywhere we go, we see how it is and we are moved to take the appropriate action without judgement. Cleaning becomes an act of love. We no longer clean because we are afraid; we clean because it is our duty, because we care and because we love. Cleaning is an act of love.

Dissolving judgement

Dissolving judgement

Whatever happened, do not look back. Just carry on. If the past comes up in the form of images, welcome it and listen to what it has to say and move on. Do not fight in your head the same battles you already fought in reality and either won or lost. Do not try to ameliorate what you did in your head or to excite yourself with what you have accomplished. It is the recipe for failure and to maintain yourself in those situations. It does not make any sense. You are just giving more energy to what already happened and it will keep on coming if you still want to fix it. Above all, you will not be able to bring different experiences in your life because you are living in the past.

Once the past comes up, even if the situations that you remember are the ones you were at your worst, open your heart. After all, it is only you that you are facing and nothing else. It is only what you did. Those scenes are just revisiting you in order for you to clean them up. They want to leave your body and your spirit. Do not reject them. Do not judge them and do not judge yourself. When they appeared, it is your opportunity to face them and thank them for what they want you to learn about your life in order to be free. They want you to be free from them. They have an interest in your happiness and your appeasement. If you express exasperation, disgust about them, you are just signalling to your mind that you are not capable to deal with them and that you rather stay with them and suffer instead of making the effort to release them and be free. Consequently, they will be stored or they will come up in forms of nightmares, diseases or images in your head that will scare you. Ultimately, you will keep yourself in a situation constant fear.


Images and attachment

Images and attachment

Images of love, images of family, images of friends, images of good times, images of heroes, images surrounding us at all times,

Hypnotised by those images, loving those images, fascinated by those images, craving for those images,

Images of hatred, images of separation, images of enemies, images of bad times, images of weakness, images surrounding us at all times

Hypnotised by those images, rejecting those images, running away from those images, fear of those images, disgusted by those images, destroying those images,

We spend our time judging those images instead of learning from them. As long as we are going to do that, they are going to stick with us. They have a message for us and as long as we do not receive them as such, they are not going to leave. The more we judge these images, the more we invite them to stay and the more we are attached to them. If we welcome them, they show us what they came here for and we are free from them. Therefore, let’s watch quietly and learn from them.

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