Love the snake within you

Love the snake within you

Love the snake within you because it is his ways which will help you adapt to your environment

Forgive yourself for being scared of it because if it does not find an environment where it is safe and welcome, it might not reveal itself to you and it will not help you to the way you need

Embrace the snake that lies within you, if it is in you, there is a reason for it. Do not run away from it because, you might be running away from yourself

The discovery of the snake within you will increase the knowledge of yourself. Leave all the things that have been said about it and look deep inside you if there is any true to that and then you will be able to appreciate whether, they purposely gave a wrong vision of it in order to keep you away from a better understanding of who you are or if they were telling the truth

How can you love yourself if you do not know every single part of who you are? Do not be afraid. It is time to get closer to you and what lies beneath you. The secret to who you are comes from the knowledge of what you are. If there is a snake in you then you need to know it, to understand it and to love it.


Knowledge starts with the snake

Knowledge starts with a snake

Brahim was somewhere in the dark and all of sudden he saw a snake coming at him. He did not run away. He was neither scared nor craving to encounter the snake. He continued to do whatever it is that he was doing and the snake kept coming near him. It touched his right knee and although he moved it away, the snake kept on touching him. Slowly, he felt something moving from his feet up to his head and without realizing it, fear had taken the best of him. He was so frightened and he did not know where to go. When panic reached its peak, he woke up. It was only a dream.

He woke up around 3:00 am in shock. He tried to go back to sleep but he kept on seeing the snake coming at him. Even when he had his eyes opened, the snake was still looking at him. Unable to find sleep, Brahim left his bed, changed his clothes and went for a walk. Every step he was making, the snake was following him. At one point he even started running but whatever he was doing, the snake was around him.

Realizing that there was nothing he could do to stop the snake from following him, he turned around and told the snake that he did not want it to be near him. He stressed that he wanted to be left alone. The snake looked at him and disappeared. Brahim was surprised. He could not believe that the simple fact that he ordered the snake to go was enough for him to leave.

He then wondered, what made him so scared of the snake. Why couldn’t he reason carefully without being scared? There he was in the middle of a storming night, completely wet, running away from a snake that was only in his head when all he needed to do was to ask it to leave and it would have been the end of his problem. He was frozen and went back in his house. He took a shower and got back in his bed. In the morning, he went to work but he could not focus. He was just looking at his watch and begging that the end of the day arrives so that he could go see someone to whom he could ask questions about snakes. In the middle of the day, he called his imam and told him about his story. The imam referred Brahim to a Sufi master because he could not handle those kind of stories himself. He called the Sufi and he scheduled an appointment with him for the same day around 6:00pm.

As soon as Brahim saw 5:00pm on the clock, he left his office and run at the Sufi’s house. He was welcomed and was offered a tea that he gladly accepted. He sat down and explained everything that had happened to him and he asked the Sufi why he overreacted the way he did about snake and why the snake seemed to obey to his wishes.


A renewed pact

A renewed pact

His hands were cold even in summer. There was a clear distraction inside him. He was not his usual self but he managed to go to the park anyway. He arrived there and luckily for him the trees were there. He walked close to them and hugged them when he was inspired to do so. He wanted to put his feet on the soil but it was too cold. He said to himself that he would do that in summer. He was able to talk to himself about a conversation that he had with someone. He was continuing the conversation alone as if the other person was with him walking along side to him.

There were not a lot of people in the park probably because the weather was a bite capricious. It was not that there was any rain but most of all the lack of clarity did not incite people to go out. It was neither too cold but yet not warm enough for people to step outside. The courageous ones who ventured themselves in the park were complaining about the coldness of their hands. The mothers were rushing their children to go home because they could not stand the cold. Fathers who came outside with their kids without their gloves retracted their hands inside their coats. The sun was there but it was hidden by the skies. Nothing was clear in the horizon. What exactly was going on in the air? What was going on in himself? What was pushing him to be blind about the future? What was missing? Why did he need to know about the future? What was bothering so much about the present that he needed to project himself in the future? What was so unpleasant about the current moment that he needed to anticipate the future?

Was it the fact that he was taking food from the garbage of the house he was living in with his roommates? Was it the fact that he felt more and more comfortable with it? Was it the fact that he had reached a stage he would have never thought possible to reach? At the beginning it was tough for him to go look for food inside the garbage of the house but as the days and the difficulties went by and the need to eat was more and more intense, he found himself stealing from his roommates and slowly but surely taking whatever it is that they threw away. He even managed to invent a kind of social vision about it. He was recuperating things. He was the filter through which things were going before they were completely thrown away.

The first time he run into the garbage to take things, he did not even realize it. He was so hungry that he just saw food. It is just when he was in the middle of it that he saw himself in the garbage. He was exactly like the homeless. He was taking food from the garbage. All his parents had done, all the money they had spent for his school, university, all the lessons they taught him, had led him to take food in the garbage.


Maybe it was a day to cry

Maybe it was a day to cry

A man was walking alone in the park Lafontaine. It was a cold, grey and clear day. Tears that he had difficulties to restrain were falling of his eyes. He did not really try to stop them or to hide himself but instead, he kept on walking. Although he was well covered and had gloves on his hands, they were still extremely cold. The people inside him saw his emotional state and they were worried. They discussed among themselves about the steps they were supposed to take to sheer him up. After careful analysis of his situation, they sent the woman in him to discuss a little bite with him.

Inside his head, he heard a voice asking him what was putting him in this awful mood. He answered in a nonchalant way that maybe he just needed to cry. Maybe there was no particular reason. He explained that tears were probably coming out for different things. He had no control over it and had probably too much to cry about anyway. He was just letting himself go without asking any question. He was waiting to see if some understanding will come up at the end of the tears.

The woman inside him listened to him and took a moment before acknowledging what he had just said. Few steps later, she then asked him if he had any problem if she walked a little bite with him. She told him that she needed a partner to walk with and because the color of the park was different and it inspired her a little nostalgia.

He told her that he did not mind but she should not expect him to be in his usual joyous mood. She replied that she was not looking for someone joyous but for someone real and if his reality was to be silent then it was perfectly alright for her. They walked together. She was next to him and they looked at the few people who were in the park. The snow was no longer there. Everything had melted away. The rocks and the grass were dry but the eyes of our man were still wet.

The weather had worn the same dress than the one his mood had. It was cold and lonely. Many people avoided the park because of the cold and greyness. The weather behaved as if it did not want anybody outside. As if the park needed to be alone. Maybe it was the day of the invisible people to enjoy the park. Our man was alone and did not want any visible body around him. Therefore the only people who were with him were from the invisible world.

The people inside him came up and walked with him. They all took turn to visit the park with him. They all jumped up to assist him in his lonely day. None of them were talking, they were just following him. They observed Mother Nature without saying anything. Maybe there was simply nothing to say but only to see and to allow nature to act on him with its magic. That is exactly what happened. Nature and all the people inside him were supporting him in his loneliness. Maybe it was a day to cry.

The cat was the mirror

The cat was the mirror

Looking at the cat that was living in their house, Joe found out that he and the cat had the same life. As if the cat was just a projection of his own life. Indeed, Joe knew that he did not have enough food to eat but he had not realized that the cat was in the same situation. After he spent few minutes observing the cat, he saw that it was going everywhere in the house to look for food because his master did not have enough money to buy some. Before, whenever he saw the cat on the table licking the rest of the food, he used to be very angry at the cat. He threw it on the floor right away without thinking twice. In these hard times, Joe could not help feeling extremely sorry for the cat and understanding of its behaviour.  It is at that time that his compassion for the cat grew. The cat was mirroring his own situation. He became less irritated when he saw the cat on the table. He was actually doing everything he could to make the cat feeling safe on the table. It was his way of being close to the cat and most of all to be close to himself.

He understood the cat because he was the cat. Since Joe did not have lot of money and was living in collocation, he was going everywhere in the house, fridges, lockers, closets looking for food or should we stay, stealing the others food. At the beginning he felt bad about it but with time, it became something natural. He understood something about life which is that whenever someone does not have food, he takes it automatically wherever it is without any shame or regret. It is just the way of the world. There is nothing else he can do. He can look for a job at the same time but until he found one, he would have to eat and the first reflex would be to take food wherever it is. It gave him a sense of closeness to the cat. Whenever the cat was surprised on the table licking the left over food, he was scared and run away. Whenever Joe was taking the food of his roommates, he was always scared that he would get caught. He saw in the cat his own attitude. They were experiencing and living the same life.


Fear do not be afraid

Fear do not be afraid

When you arrived in me, you were my allied, today I am your prisoner. What exactly happened between the two of us? Why do I have so many difficulties to get rid of you?

What do you represent that I have not seen yet? Which part of my mind brought you in? Why did I create you? What am I going to discover with you? What do I need to discover in order to see you entirely? Which part of me did I decide to challenge when I brought you around me? Where are you? Why are you hiding?

I am not going to hurt you. I just want to see you and be with you. Why are you running away?

My goal is not to make you disappear but to bring you close to me as one of my pillars. One that I can rely on when I need it and one I would listen when it has something to say and not necessarily agreeing with

Fear, take my hands and allow me to see me beyond you. Stop hiding me behind you. He is me and I am Him. You have nothing to do between us but since you have decided to be in the middle of us, let me enter in you and show you that I am not scared of you and that I can be in fear without fear. Allow me to show you that I can be with you whenever I want without you. Fear, I have known your castle for years. I have lived in it for years and you have done with me whatever it is that you wanted, now that I am leaving, I know there is a house here where I felt protected and I will never forget it.

It is time for me to meet him and I am sure there is a safe passage through you to get to him. Fear, do not be afraid.

Conversation between Love and People

Conversation between Love and People

Once upon the time, Love was passing by Lafontaine Park in the beginning of spring. It observed its creation and everything seemed to go according to the choices people had made. The ones who were suffering happened to live the consequences of their choices as well as the one who were happy. Love continued its deep and careful search in the Park by looking if there was anything it could do to help or adjust something that was going unnecessarily too much in the dark side of emotions.

After thorough investigation, it came across a girl who was crossing the bridge of the park and a guy who was on the bridge looking at the snow melting. Both were in need of a little push in order to go to their next level of life experience. They were in the same situation. They both had lost their loved one and even though they were no longer with them, they were still going through moments of pain because they missed them. Love decided to bring them together in order to teach them something.

Love made the girl stopped at the bridge. She was also looking at snow melting and hearing the noise that white birds were making because a woman was giving them some left over bread. Both of our lost little people were so absent and unaware of what was going on around them that they did not notice that they were next to each other. Love chose that moment to interfere. Since they were completely abandoned and had no resistance, it decided to communicate with them by thoughts without them realizing. To the common outsiders, those two were just at the bridge completely absorbed by whatever it was that they were thinking but to the experienced ones who had the habit of communicating with the invisible world, they would have seen that they were being taught by the highest master of all. They might have even asked the Master if they could attend the teaching. When love managed to get the full attention of the girl and the boy, this is what it told them.


Open yourself to yourself

Respect each part of who you are, allow them to have a say in what you are doing, take the time to listen to them, give them the space to express what they are feeling

and you will see that none of them are against you, none of them wants to hurt you, none of them wish to see you to suffer,

You are being hurt because you would not acknowledge them

The secret is to open yourself to yourself. Make an investigation of yourself and you will discover the truth about you.

Cats’ lovers

Cats’ lovers

The Himalayan cat was sick. It was not moving as it used to. It stood in one corner for hours and even when it was going from the kitchen to the living room; it was doing it very slowly. The cat was vomiting three or four times a day. The first time the cat vomited, it was in the living room. Nobody saw it. It is only the day after when everything was dry that his master and two of the roommates in the house noticed it.  One of the roommates named Josie and the cat master cleaned it.

Three days later, the cat vomited again but this time in the kitchen. Josie and Mady were there when it did it but none of them wanted to clean it because they were disgusted. The cat master was not in the house therefore what the cat threw up stayed in the kitchen. When the fourth roommate named Kali came in the kitchen that day to have his lunch, he did not see it at first. He even stepped on it and kept on cooking his food.

It is only when Mady came back in the kitchen that she brought his attention to the fact that the cat had vomited in the kitchen and that he had stepped on it. She told him that she and Josie were too disgusted by it to remove it from the floor. She was actually cleaning the house when she said that,. Her plan was to clean the house and leave the spot where the vomit was uncleaned.

As soon as Kali heard that he had walked on the cat vomit and that there was some on the floor, he took a tissue and removed it not only what was on his sandals but also what was on the floor. To make sure that nothing would stick on the floor, he even took a wet mop and cleaned a second time his sandals and the place where the vomit was completely.

Few minutes after that, the cat vomited again but not as much as he had done the first time and Mady said that the cat was the devil and she left the kitchen. Kali once again took a wet tissue and removed it. After each vomit, the cat seemed more and more tired. He usually run away from it as if it was scared of what it had just done or if it knew it had done something it was not supposed to do. It looks as if it was either disgusted by what it had done or unpleased to have put dirt in the room. In either case, the cat was not comfortable with what had just happened.

Kali thought about the whole scene in the kitchen with the vomit and he could not believe how Mady and Josie reacted. They were disgusted by the vomit and could not see it in front of them. Instead of taking it away from their eyes, they decided to leave it right there.


Distinction between feelings and emotions

Distinction between feelings and emotions

What is the difference between feelings and emotions? Many people are mixing the two and are not really clear about the way their bodies are reacting to those two different things. It is therefore important to know the difference the two and how each of them is affecting us.

An emotion is something temporary as opposed to the feelings that are more long term basis. One might even go as far as saying that an emotion is something based on a feeling that is deep seated inside us. The roots of some emotions are feelings that we carried inside us.

Feelings are based on beliefs that we have accumulated from our surrounding or our history. Emotions are sometimes the results of those feelings. The way we will swallow a story might be based on the feelings that we have inside us and some particular emotions would be triggered based on those feelings.

Our vision of the world is caused by the feelings we have and we integrate the world according to the feelings we have. The emotions we express about the world are the result of the feelings that are lying inside us.

Emotions are the steps that can lead us to the feelings we have. The feelings bring us to the belief that sustains them. If we are well trained, we can use emotions to go the feelings that are inside us and from them, we can reach the beliefs that are moving us. Once we are able to do that, we can change our beliefs and consequently our feelings and emotions.

Examples of feelings: feeling of injustice, feeling of not being able to change things, feeling of life being easy etc.

Examples of emotions: anger, enthusiasm, etc.

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