Apprentice of Love

Apprentice of love

After cleaning the dishes, Jonathan was confused about the path he was engaged in. he cleaned the house to start the process of clearing his head. He went in his room and decided to call his master. He exposed all the facts to him and this is what his master told him.

Master of love: “Apprentice of love, what are you looking for? Apprentice of love what are you up to? Apprentice of love what game are you playing?

Apprentice of love, take me and let me follow you where you know misconceptions about love are still standing

Apprentice of love, take my hand and do not be afraid if I take you close to the abyss, I know the depth of what you are going to see

Apprentice of love, allow your body to be used for the purpose of the discovery of love, love for yourself, love for your life and love for the situations you are in, were in and will be in.

Apprentice of love; love yourself enough to be able to recognize what is not your path and what is not really what you want to experience.

Apprentice of love; do not let yourself down because if you do, no matter who will be around you, you will not be able to love yourself.

Apprentice of love, since you are the love of your life; allow the others to open you up in order to increase the love of yourself. Let them touch you. Let them be close to you. Let them take you where you are going to discover how far the love of yourself can go. With them by your side, you will have the chance to go where you would have never risked going. They will help you see what you are scared to see or do not even imagined you have in you.

Apprentice of love, let what you are feeling be and observe if it stays for a long time. See where it leads you. Do not confuse control and vigilance.

Apprentice of love do not judge yourself whatever it is that you are feeling,



Love is the only way out

Love is the only way out

Since it is my choosing if I am in this situation, let it be and accept to go through it without any restrain, you don’t know what you will see ahead of you.

Since it is my will if I am where I am today, let the realization of your dreams be and accept to live according to the conditions of the situation you called for without any resistance.

Since it is my decision to grant you what you wanted and begged for please accept happily to be in your creation without any regret.

Any sign of exasperation about your situation how ever little it may be is only a sign of the hatred and rejection of yourself. In your situation, it would be a disaster if you were to judge yourself instead of loving who you are. The only thing you have to do is to love yourself no matter what are the circumstances. It is surely the only way out of any situation.

Don’t forget that it is through love, by love, for love and with love that we are here. It is therefore through love, by love for love and with love that we live and survive all the challenges.

Everything is an opportunity to love and increase the knowledge of love for who you are, what you are and how you are. Whatever are the difficulties you are facing, do not rest until you find a way to love who you are entirely. The goal is not to feel good about yourself but to genuinely feel compassion and understanding about what you feel. It is to stand by your side and to carry who you are with love. Instead of judging who you are like everybody did around you, have the patience to stay around you in order to understand you and to have the wisdom to take care of you in a loving manner. Be kind enough to hold you even if every body around does not want to do it or worst is running away from you. Be smart enough to find a way to enter into the love of what you are, of who you are and how you are. Remember, you are the best opportunity you have in your life therefore, treat yourself kindly.

Calling all angels

Calling all angels

Christian was jogging and arrived at to the beach and he sat there for a while as he usually did. Looking at the horizon, he noticed that there was a bottle that desperately wanted to reach the beach. He came close to it and saw that there was a letter inside. He observed it and was curious to know what was on the letter. He did not know what the appropriate action was. He was wondering whether he should throw it back in the sea in order for it to continue its trip or if he should throw it in the garbage because it was the gesture that was more environmental friendly. He was also worry about intruding into somebody else life or into something that might have been personal and maybe was not necessarily designed to reach him but another person. He saw the different cracks on the bottle and said to himself that the bottle had absolutely no chance to travel if it did not have any help. After hesitating, he decided to read the letter and depending on what the letter would say, he would either throw it back in the sea or in the garbage.

This is what was written on the letter:

“From Ahmed to Fatima with love,

Sorry for not have been able to be the one you wanted. I have tried but I guess it was beyond my control.

Sorry if I was the promised of something and was not able to deliver on that promise.

Sorry if I took so much time to recognize who you were and what we were supposed to do. It did not help our relationship.

Sorry if the time we spent together, I was not grateful enough to you for the gift you were to my life and in my life.

Sorry for the projects and dreams I had and made-up with you and was not able to implement. I guess I opened my mouth too soon as always.

Sorry if I gave you hope and was not able to deliver after ward

Today I am calling all the angels to clean-up everything because the mess I left behind is so intense that alone, I don’t think we can do it. We need external help my dear and I think that only angels are able to do this job appropriately.

Hopefully, they will hear me and will carry this task which I believe is not an easy one. I hope my mistakes will not make them think twice before cleaning up because it would be unfair that you suffer because of I was unprepared and unable to understand the movement of love in our relationships.

You deserve better and I am sure that you will get better. Even though we don’t see each other, you are still in my mind. I can clearly see now that our interactions were not able to make us happy and it is time that we retired from each other and allow life to bring us different experiences which will make us happier and maybe, maybe, maybe, when we have that, we will be able to see that our relationship served a purpose that we were not able to see when we were together. At that time and only at that time, we will be able to see that we were helpful to each other and we will be grateful for the mess we created when we were together.

Even if we don’t see each other physically, I see you every day and I keep on praying that everything goes well for you. Take good care of yourself and Good luck.

May we allow the angels to do their work of clean-up on us and in the relationship we had. I love you and I will always pray for you.”

After reading the letter, Christian sat for a moment and thought of what those two might have went through. He wondered if the angels had already done their work on them and what might have caused Ahmed and Fatima to split as they did. Christian thought of his own relationships and he decided to support Ahmed call for angels to clean up the mess they both have created and he added that the clean-up should take place not only for our lovers mess but for all the mess that were created in the name of love. He asked the angels to clean-up the mess that was created because people did not understand the meaning of love.

Christian looked at the bottle and saw that it was cracking everywhere. He went back home put his name on the letter at the end of what Ahmed had written and explained how he came across it. He added his wishes and encouraged the next person who would stumble upon the letter to do the same. He mentioned that when there would not be any space left on the paper to write something, the person who will have it at that moment will have to add another sheet of paper in order to continue the chain. Christian thought that the more people will add wishes on that letter, the more things will be done by the angels. He took another bottle and inserted the letter in it. The next day, when he went for his daily jogging, he threw it back to the sea. The letter continued its travel and went to meet other people.

Sorry little cat

Sorry little cat, I will do better next time


Joe was working in the streets. He was one of the workers who mounted stages and equipments when spectacles took place in the streets. Whenever there was a decoration in the streets for either festival, Christmas, celebration or whatever, he was among the team who was doing the job. He was working in the streets during summer and winter. Whenever there was one of those events, they had to install all the components and materials of the stages. They did that part of the job during the day.

Once everything was done, they were the ones in charge of the security and they did that usually during the night because these events were opened during the night in order to allow people who were at work during the day to have the opportunity to enjoy them at night time. They took care of the entrance and they made sure people did not break or altered the equipments and the rules about alcohol or behaviours. When the events were over, they had to take to pieces all the equipments they had mounted and they did this part of the job in daytime. There were therefore three stages in his work when he was working for those companies. One was the mounting and assembling of those equipments that took place during the day and lasted approximately two weeks, the second part was the security part that lasted for another two weeks and the third part was the dismantling of the equipments and bringing it back to the storehouse.

Even though the job was tough, in summer the weather condition was pleasant and exciting but in winter at minus 30 degrees celsius outside, it was a different feeling. Joe had an excellent spirit for the job he was doing. He was always ready to do it regardless of the conditions. He never complained about it and if sometimes he was saying something about it, it was only to reinforce that he was pretty happy that he managed to survive such a thing. He kept on applying to these types of jobs and he was employed almost all the times. His network in that field was huge and it was easy for him to find a job. He had never really thought of getting a different type of job. Even when he got a different job, it was always around that field. He was never too far away from that.


My son! Welcome back in your house

My son! Welcome back in your house

After spending millions of years on earth, pure B.S asked for a meeting with God. When the Almighty received his letter, He immediately granted him an audience because it had been a long time they had not discussed together face to face. The angel Gabriel was charged with the duty of bringing the letter confirming the date and time of their meeting.

As soon as the angel Gabriel arrived on earth, he went straight to B.S and gave him the letter. B.S opened the letter and was thrilled by the idea of seeing God after so many years. Gabriel looked at him and asked if there was any good news and B.S answered that it was the best news it had ever had. Gabriel probed further to discover what the object of the letter was and B.S just told him that he will know soon enough. They took their dinner together and Gabriel excused himself because he had several missions to do before going back to Paradise. They shook hands and Gabriel left.

On the day of his departure, nobody knew that B.S was leaving for Paradise. God had sent instructions to his devotees in Paradise to arrange everything as if somebody extremely important was coming but nobody knew who he or she was. He asked that everything be at their utmost grace and beautifully displace in and around Paradise. The angels executed what He wanted without knowing who was supposed to come. They had cleaned up everything and added beautiful scriptures, art decorations, sculptures etc. God himself was supervising their work. None of the angels dare asked God why they were extra careful about the house cleaning because they knew that if He had thought to be necessary that they knew about it, He would have told them. Since he had chosen not to say anything about it, it was certainly because they were better of not knowing who was coming.


Perhaps, it is time for you to try to be a woman Part 2

Perhaps, it is time for you to try to be a woman Part 2

Go to her, listen to her, seat down with her and make the necessary move to trust her. She has nothing against you. She is full of recognition for the work you have accomplished. She probably would not have survived if you were not around. You played your role very nicely and defended her with the utmost grace given the circumstances you were in.

Do not forget who you are and why you were brought in. After you over exceeded the expectations she had put on you, please do not be drunk of yourself. Release yourself from the power she gave you. You obviously have difficulties to handle it because you are hypnotised by it. You are controlled by that desire of power. It is moving you beyond anything you can imagine. You are the slave of that power. It is driving your every move. You need to allow her to come to your rescue.

You are no longer fighting for her. You are fighting to keep your place inside her house but what you do not realize is that nobody is trying to take your place, nobody is trying over shadow you, the only thing they are trying to do is to get you to be sober. You are drunk and the drink you tasted and adored was power. The necessity to have it, keep it, and increase it is absorbing your thoughts. You are the toy of that desire. You are at the service of that desire. You have switched side. You went on the side of power and ran away from you. You are not longer at her service but at the service of the power you so desperately want to keep. When ever the others people inside yourself give you advise to help you stabilize yourself, you think that they want to diminish your power or your strength. You see them as actors of jealousy.

What are you afraid of? You are the one asking for their help and when they come around, you refuse to listen to them. Admitting that you can not handle that house alone will not be an act of failure but the beginning of the manifestation of the love of yourself. Instead of rejecting the help you cried for and desperately needed, try this time to rest. Handling that house became a burden on your shoulders. You may want to take of a little bite of that burden of yourself. You are suffering because you are handling a house that is not yours.

You are doing everything to delete the presence of the person who actually owns that house. Remember, you are in that house because somebody gave you the keys. Now you are fighting to erase His or Her name from every corner of the house. Unfortunately, after destroying everything that reminded you of the owner, you no longer know what to do with the house. It became an empty house. You are alone within yourself. Nobody is there to help you. No matter who you decide to bring close to you, because your house is empty inside, you feel alone. Since you do not feel their presence when they are around you and you are scared of them, you do everything to control them because it is the only thing that makes you feel anything so far. You have no idea how to be with someone. You are mixing being with someone and controlling someone.

The house you are now in control of is a big house and it scares you to be alone in it. All the things that gave sense to that house, you took them away. You denied the person who owns the house the right to be in that house. The people who you authorized to be closer to you find out after spending sometimes with you that there is so much fear, rage and manipulation around you that slowly but surely, they rather move away or keep their distance from you.

Let the owner of the house come back into his house. Allow yourself to work with her. Trust that she knows what the next step is for you. Do not try to control her; she is in no need to be defended anymore. Maybe, it is time for you to discover the woman that she is and in the mean time perhaps it is time for you to become the woman that you are. It makes no sense to dismiss it. You are a woman. Allow her to be.

Perhaps, it is time for you to try to become a woman

Perhaps, it is time for you to try to become a woman

Instead of becoming the woman that is advertised around the world, be the woman that you are.

Instead of trying to understand what a woman is, try to understand the woman that you are.

Now that you have shown to yourself that you could be a man, maybe it is time to allow the woman inside you to be free.

After fighting so much to protect the woman inside you, you have distance yourself from her as if the end result was for you to become something else other than a woman.

Protecting her has been a nice way to run away from her and the challenges she might have given you.

Protecting the woman has been an interesting way to avoid people to touch her or hurt her but it has made you unable to touch her or to be with her.

If after fighting against the people who wanted to attack her, you can not be with her or worst, you reject her, what was the purpose of fighting for her?

After you have fought against the people who wanted to dominate her, have you become the one dominating her?

Do not allow the person who attacked her to transform you into someone who is attacking her constantly.

I know you needed to push yourself to become like them in order to defend her but please, do not pleasure in treating her like they used to treat her. Remember, you did not fight against those people to be the one now who is behaving towards her exactly the way they used to behave with her.

If fighting against the people who attacked her made you the one attacking her, was it really worth it?

Have you forgotten that the idea was to fight for her because you loved her or did you forget that along the way? Or maybe, after fighting for her, you realize that you don’t know how to love her, how to be with her and you adopted the stereotypes that her attackers had about her.

After you fought for her for so long, are you now ashamed to be around her? Is it possible that you don’t know what to do with her? Is it possible that you wish that she was not inside you?

You did not fight for her to take her place did you? Is it possible that you do not trust her or you find her disgusting to be so weak? How strange? She brought you in to defend her and now you are the one stopping her from being who she wants to be.

What are you afraid of? Why don’t you want to recognize her? She gave you everything you needed to defend and now you don’t want to leave. You see her as the weakest point when she is the one who is at the origin of what you are.

Come back to her. You are no longer in danger. Give her back the keys to her own house. You will not disappear if you allow her to be entirely. You have your place, you will be heard but this time, you will also hear all the others on the table.

Go back to her and you will see that the weight on your shoulders will diminish. It is her house. You are just one of the many people who are at her service. She will call you when she will need you.

At this moment she wants you to take your place and the entirety of your place and just your place. Allow all the others to have their space. You will feel much lighter. Life will be easier and simpler.  After spending your time defending her, it might be time for you to love her.

After trying to be what you thought you should be and what you thought they wanted you to be, maybe it is time to be what you are,

There is nothing that you should become other than what you already are. There is nothing to fear about dropping the idea of what you thought you were especially when it is pressuring you all the times. The faster you will release yourself from that idea, the easier it will be for you to uncover what you really are.

At the end of the day, there is only what you are. The only risk you are taking is to discover what is already there and what you have been unable to see so far.

Perhaps, it is time for you to try to become a woman.

Changing our names and date of birth Part 2

Changing our name and date of birth Part 2

Well, after spending the first part of this post talking about the possibility to change our names as we pleased, I decided to push the boundary of change further than we are usually accustomed to. It is one thing to change our name but it is another thing to change our date of birth. Alright! you don’t need to say it because I agree with you on the fact that if somebody is thinking about changing his date of birth then maybe he ought to himself and to the rest of humanity to find a hobby or get a life. Having said that, if somebody has the luxury to worry about the possibility to change his date of birth, we should let him pursue that battle because we never know where it will lead him. It might get him to a place where we would have never expected to go.

Now, when it comes to our date of birth, we are accustomed to see something that is fixed and unmovable. Unfortunately, this notion of date of birth is being used all the times by different institutions but nothing is actually clear about it. When we refer to the date of our birth, we usually think of the day we got out of our mum belly. Why should it be called the date of our birth? I think a more appropriate term would be the date of our delivery. Since we all know that we were in her belly for nine months prior to our delivery, referring to that day as the date of our birth is misleading information. Why should we call that day, the day of our birth?

Are we sure that our soul is automatically inserted into our body the day we are delivered? It might be before or after. When exactly is that date? Why shouldn’t we refer to the date of our birth as the day we were conceived? The laws are saying that we can have an abortion up to the 12th week. Following that concept, we can say that a child is actually born when he has past the first 12th week. Before that, everything is possible. What about the children who are premature? When exactly is there date of birth? We take it for granted that it is when they got out of the belly that carried them but nothing is sure. If children are supposed to stay nine months inside their mum, maybe the date of their delivery should not be the one we should use as their date of birth.


Changing our name and our date of birth Part 1

Changing our name and our date of birth part 1

Why should we be able to change our name and our date of birth? Alright, I understand, it sounds a little bite crazy. Therefore, in order to digest the pill, I will firstly address the change of name because it is more accepted by our society and in the part 2, I will talk about the change of date of birth.

We are almost used to the people who are changing their names because they are artists or because they want to hide themselves or etc but a taboo is still running around this notion. People are still extremely reluctant to change their name. I am not sure that if given the opportunity to do it as quickly as possible, many who actually want to change their name would do it. Some of them might restrain themselves because they would not want to offend their parents or their family. It would be something to weird even if that is what they had wanted for so long. They might feel like they are betraying their parents.

Many would simply refuse to change their names at all cost either because they are proud of their names and family or simply because they think that it is not a very wise thing to do because it could be seen as weakness or as people running away from their real problem. Others might even see it as a challenge to keep their names no matter what are the circumstances.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple. The fact that our name is unmovable is a huge problem. We can not reasonably be who we are without questioning the name that is being used to introduce us. Our names have a visual, a memory, a sound and it might means different things to different people and in different places. We should ask ourselves if we care comfortable with what our names carry around. Do we vibrate very well with our names? Does it represent what we are or what we want to be? Are we ok with the way it is representing us in the world?


Our failures in love

Our failures in love

Has anybody wonder why we have around us so many people who are failing at the love scene? Of course we have. All the books are about that subject and they are talking about ways to help us being more successful in that arena. All those books, movies, tv reports, soaps opera, news magazines which are dealing with the subject are saying very important thing about it and I do not think that people have necessarily the need to hear about it one more time or to hear what I have to say about that subject. Having said that, I do have a blog, I love to write, I want to talk about it and today it is the only thing that comes up to my head. Therefore, I would ask you to bear with me for a moment.

This whole notion of love is being redefined as we speak because of our interactions in love arena. Our experimentation has led us to completely reposition the notion of love and maybe that’s the way we should look at this love situation we are in. All the ideas that were clearly established about love have taken a huge hit and even though people still refer to love as if we were in the 18th century, the reality is no longer that one.

It seems as though, at this moment we are demolishing every aspect of love that we have inherited from our ancestors. We tested their ways and when it did not work, we tried another one and we kept on going in that direction till today. At this moment, our experimentation is so vast and it explains the number of failures we have.

Things are happening as if humans’ beings are cleaning the notion of love of all the wrong ideas and perceptions we had about it. This is why we are failing so much in our love relationships at this moment. The people who are going through that phase are actually doing a service to humanity. By failing, they are showing to the world another vision of love that was wrong. By going through their share of bad experiences, they are lightening an aspect of love where darkness has been installed for ages. They came here for that and it might be the only reason they are here.


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