Nobody knows how they would have done if the cat was not around

Nobody knows how they would have done if the cat was not around

Once a upon the time, there was a big house where four people were living as roommates. One of them had a cat and was taking care of him the best he could. Few weeks after the cat arrived, everybody started to give food to the cat and his owner told everyone that he would rather be the only one nourishing his cat because he wanted his cat to eat at a fix schedule.

Everybody in the house heard it and was a bite disappointed. Nonetheless, every time the owner was not in the house and the small cup for the cat food was empty, they all took the opportunity to replenish that cup pretending that they did not know whether or not the owner had already given the food to his cat.

The cat seemed happy to have the food available whenever he wanted even though he was not eating everything. In order to avoid any suspicions from the owner, the others roommates were putting in the cat cup just a small amount of food because they were sure he would finish it before the cat owner came back from work. It was not really a good strategy because when he gave food to his cat, he was no longer finishing the amount of food he used to give him. He did not say anything either because he did not want to create any problem with his roommates or maybe he did not notice it.

Nevertheless, his roommates were all conspiring to give. They did not accept to be deprived of an act of love. They were doing it because it was a natural act to do. It was a spontaneous gesture of love and they did not think of the consequences. They were fighting to love regardless of the instructions they received. Were they conscious of what they were doing? No one will ever know.

They were doing their best to show their appreciation of the cat directly to him. After being given the opportunity to caress the cat, to touch him, to sleep with him which they were not allowed to (following the owner instructions), they wanted to give something tangible to show that they had acknowledged the influence of the cat presence in their lives. They received something that they needed and that they were not able to see or to quantify. They were not probably aware that they needed it but when they received it, they felt really good about it.

The moment love appeared in their lives, the natural flow of love started to happen and to  materialise itself by the process of “give and receive”. In return of the privilege they were given to show and share their love, they wanted to give something to the cat. To receive that amount of love was an occasion to discover what they were made of. After being taken care of by the love the cat gave them, it felt right to give him his food. They had received and they wanted to give.



Would you be kind enough to join me for a cup of tea?

Would you be kind enough to join me for a cup of tea?

At the first look, he knew something attracted him to her,

Without realizing, he ceased the original necklace as an opportunity to ask a question

She gave an answer that invited others questions and he carefully chose the ones that would make her talk the longest

Since he was in line and she was answering to serve clients, he decided to leave her and he went on looking for the book he wanted

He felt her presence around him and he was sexually aroused by it. He took his time to feel it and to understand what was going on. Was it him who was attracted or was it her? Were they both attracted or was he just feeling the sexual desire he had for her?

Weeks after weeks, he kept on going to look for information and she was always the one answering his questions. A month later, when he was able to stay around her without the sexual desires taking over completely, he invited her for a tea. It was the beginning of their meetings.

Releasing ourselves from the wrong perceptions

Releasing ourselves from the wrong perceptions

Living a life where my first responsibility is to know myself because without that knowledge, I am physically alive but internally sleeping.

Taking on the physical responsibilities is great but if one does not know oneself, he or she might assume responsibilities that may not necessarily be the ones that our inner self would have guided us to.

This situation creates many contradictions between our physical world and our inner world. The tensions generated by these oppositions are going far beyond what we can really imagine.

Even if we excel at handling the responsibilities we took in the physical world without knowing what was going on inside us, even if we love those responsibilities, even we are respected in the societies because we assuming them, even if people are envying us because we are doing all those things, sooner or later, we will be confronted to those tensions.

It is not that taking care of the physical world is bad, it is just that, we need to align our physical world with what we are inside. When our inside world differ from what we are outside, we are not in peace. If those two worlds that are actually just one are not going in the same direction, we will feel extremely heavy inside us.

We can choose to live without taking care of what is going on in the invisible world or inside us and we will have a perfect life but if we choose to live inside both world and to fully integrate those two sides of our lives, we need to know the rules of the invisible world and our inside world. The best way to take care of this is to know who we are and how we function.

Our being has a far better understanding of how both worlds are working. By getting closer to our being, we allow him/her to create the world we want to live in. By letting him/her being the master, he/she will implement in both worlds what we came here to do. The more he is able to be in us, the wider and stronger his actions are. His/her interests are to make us feel comfortable enough in order for him/her to do what they have to do but we need to trust him\her and to let him\her ride us. 

In order to do that, we need to understand that none of the things we identify ourselves with are actually us. We need to realize that they are only keeping us away from what we truly want which is to allow him/her to take over. We came here just to do that. Our sole purpose is to achieve that. We have a contract to fulfill and as long as we do not submit ourselves to it, something inside us will keep on reminding us that we could be something else.

Realising ourselves from the wrong perceptions, the wrong beliefs of who we are, will allow our true self to immerge from within and to establish him/her inside us in the life that we came here to live. We still have to discover ourselves.

The power to create

The power to create

Understanding the notion of freedom. Knowing what freedom actually means. Being able to understand the difference between freedom and slavery.

Slaves of who and what? Who is my master? Do I have a master? Do you know my master? Why do I have a master? Where is my master? Why should I look for my master?

Free from who and what? What is the use of freedom? What exactly is freedom going to give me? Why should I be free? What am I going to do with freedom? How can I get to freedom? Where is my freedom? Do I deserve to be free? How can I be free? Is it easier to free or to be slaves? What’s more fun? Free for whom and for what?

Freedom to serve. Free to know why I am here. Free to live for the purpose I came here for. Free enough to love myself entirely and to do what is necessary to always increase the love I have for myself. Free to love myself and to love others at the highest level. Free in order to love who I am and to be able to serve.

In the middle of the city but away from the layers that are incapacitating humans to love, I will be free to understand and accept who I am with the purpose I came here for.

Freedom to love. Free in order to love. Free from the wrong definition of love. Free to know that I don’t know what love is and to be humble enough to seek what it is and to learn how to love. Free to be gentle with love, careful with love, kind with love, soft with love and understanding that love is the only true master.

Understanding who I am in order to love myself. Understanding who I am in order to be free from all the things that are not me. Being aware of what is blocking the realization of me in order to understand why I am far away from myself and why I feel like I am not entirely me.

Understanding that I am looking for myself by removing all the ideas that I have accepted about myself which were not me.

Being myself entirely in order to create the world that I love.

Forgive me

Forgive me

Forgive me for asking things I did not know were not the best for me. Forgive me for hating you because you gave me what I wanted.

Forgive me for hating myself because I got what I wanted. Forgive me for not knowing myself before asking for things.

Forgive me for doubting the love you gave for me. Forgive me for being ignorant about what love is.

No matter what were my mistakes and the disappointments I felt about the outcome of our relations, I still believe in you and still want to continue to make the effort to be closer to you.

I know now how your path is and I have decided to engage myself on it. Your path is my life. It is only because I am following you that my life has a meaning.

Before I was nowhere near me and I was looking for you. Now it is through me that I am trying to reach you.

I am the link between you and me. We are one. When you will be ready, you will feel it.

Himalayan cat and his master

Himalayan cat and his master

The Himalayan cat named Kovi was still in the house and the humans around him were moving around him. It was a funny looking male cat with white greyish hair. It was a calm cat which was spending most of its time sleeping. His owner was a young twenty four years old man named Luciano. He was fascinated by video games, hockey and occasionally women. When he was not working, he rushed home, ate quickly and if there was a hockey game on TV where the Canadian of Montréal were playing, he would watch it while eating ships and drinking Gatorade. If on the other hand, there was no game, he would go in his room and play war video games in network for hours. While he was playing, he had this little phone set on his ears which was allowing him to talk, make comments or yell at the people he was playing against or with. At the end of the came he usually called the people he was playing against either camper or woops or sissy and so on and so forth.

Every time he lost or won a game, he came out and made comments about the people who were playing. They either did not know how to play or they played like sissies which meant that they stayed in one spot and did not move at all but he was on the other hands, somebody who was taking risk of being shot at because he was moving all around and was fighting every one. His roommates listened to him carefully and appreciated that he was so passionate about it that even if they were not particularly into it, his enthusiasm touched them a lot.

He was working on contract in construction and transportation. When there was no work, he was playing during the whole night and day. He spent sometimes thirty hours playing without sleeping. In order to change his mind a little bite or when he wanted to rest before going back to play, he watched football and soccer. He was one of those fans who supported his team regardless of what they were doing. Even if what they were doing was ridiculous, he will still say that they were the best. Nobody could say anything against his team because he would immediately react against it. In order to tease him, his roommates were saying bad things about the team he supported just to see his reaction and it was working all the time.


A new book

A new book

 The father: “Son, it has been a long time I have been observing you. I have followed your steps since you came around here and I must say that you have once again surprised me. Everything went according to the plan we’ve established prior to your arrival on earth. Today, I am glad you are putting your body more and more at the service of the Divine.

We are entering a different stage in our relation. I will talk to you a little bite more directly now. There would be lesser and lesser filter between you and me. I will interfere more in your daily life and since you have raised your awareness, you will understand my signals more and more. In other terms, since your availability is wider, you will be more and more at the service of the Divine.

You will not have a lot of time to adjust yourself to this new reality but this should not come as a surprise for you since you have been calling for this for a long time. The implementation took a long time and we still have a lot to do but as of today you are just going to start feeling it at a different level.

It might be a little bite uncomfortable or even irritating at the beginning to accept my presence but patience, you will get use to it soon. Trust me; it is not the first time we’ve been doing this.

Since we have taken our collaboration to a different level, I will give you a different vision of things. The world as you have seen it so far has absolutely nothing to do with what is actually going on. You and I have been around for a long time. I will allow you to see the things we have done when the time is right.

For now, I just wanted you to know about this new development and to be more and more aware of what is going on around you as I am going to use everything to interact with you. Listen to your senses and our dialogue will be permanent. The more careful you are, the more you will see things the way I see them, you will hear things the way I hear them and you and I will be one. We have made some progress and we still have a long way to go and since you’re a fast learner, I can tell you just one thing which is: “the best is yet to come”.

So, with your new understanding of things, a clear joy and acceptation of your presence on earth, and a deep love and happiness for what and who you are, we are starting a new chapter in our relations. Are you ready?

The son: “yes! I am”

The father: “very well then! Very well.” 


The power of saying good bye

The power of saying good bye

It seems as if the year has just begun. The snow that melted last week took away everything that was left of last year and that was still hidden inside the ice. Last night and this morning, the snow that fell and is falling down is a kind of sign that something new is in preparation. After the Haitian earthquake and its number of deaths, we are moving slowly but surely in 2010. It is not that we had not left 2009 yet, but things were not completely settled before last Sunday.

For those who have the body to feel it, the eyes to see it, the ears to listen to it, the tongue to taste it and the nose to smell it, they know something has changed since the 17th of January. They were not entirely themselves the day before the January the 17th. We still feel the same things, smell the same things, taste the same things, see the same things and listen to the same things but we are no more the same. The times have changed.

More than the year that has changed, things have changed and yet nobody or almost nobody noticed it. We are still embroiled into our daily lives and we keep on going regardless of what is going on around us. We are no longer the same and the earth is no longer the same. We can not touch it yet but if our awareness is high enough, we can already sense it.

Those who are willing to change will embark on these new possibilities that the earth is offering and those who wished to remain the way they were will be able to do it. What are you going to choose?

As for me, I have chosen to take on the new possibilities and its challenges. We are extremely lucky to be here at this period of changes and it is with a new understanding of the word love that we will surf our way on this incredible wave of change. It is therefore without any regrets that I proudly say good bye to what I used to be in order to become what I came here to be. The years of apprentice are over. It is time to get in the game and stand straight.

Let’s just enjoy the show and move wisely

Let’s just enjoy the show and move wisely

Before we start a new book, let’s close the previous one.

The Chinese New Year starts between mid January and early February. The orthodox Christmas and New Year already took place.

During the week-end, the weather warmed up in order to melt everything that remained of last year. What was there before is over.

The earthquake in Haiti few days ago was just a reminder of how fragile things are and how sudden the things we love and cherish can disappear. I know someone who lost his mum and three of his cousins in one shoot.

Everything that was established before is being washed away. It’s been few years those big phenomenons such as this earthquake are consistently shaking our world and we are told that everything is normal. Perhaps something is taking place that we have not heard of in spite of all the reassuring thoughts that the media are giving us.

Starting the New Year with an earthquake is an interesting way for the earth to wish us all the best. What are we supposed to understand? Who will give us answer? What are we supposed to do? And to whom can we turn to?

It is good to listen to our churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, governments, officials, media, humorists, scientists, intellectuals etc but who can really say that they are satisfied with those talks that are acting as sleeping pills? Who takes comfort in what is been given to us as answers? Who sleeps well and doesn’t have one once of doubt about what everybody is saying about what just happened Haiti? Is our head too filled with what they are saying that it stops us from thinking?

For those who are sleeping well, I wish them good night and for those who need more than what is being provided to us, I wish them good luck and I urge them to keep on looking for answers that will appease them.

If 2010 starts like that, then it will surely be an interesting year and one that I want to live to the fullest. I am ready to enjoy the ride and move wisely.

Happy 2010!

Questions we are not supposed to ask about Haiti earthquake

Questions we are not supposed to ask about Haiti earthquake

Well, another catastrophe took place in Haiti. No matter what the media are saying, one can not stop the questions that come to mind when we hear that yet another natural disaster took place in Haiti. Instead of running away from those questions or to find some ways to tell people not to question themselves, I think we should allow people to wonder what exactly is going on in Haiti. How come one place has so many difficult problems? How come natural disasters take place only in that place?

The scientists came and gave few answers that were convincing and I even believe them but it does stop us from questioning what is going on? How come in the last twenty years Haiti has been on the news either for political, economical turmoil or natural disasters? It is as if God does not want them to have break. Why do they have to endure all those sufferance? What have they done to deserve that? Is it just faith? What is it exactly?

Since people do not dare ask those questions on TV or when they do, they quickly go to scientific answers or to tell us how to help Haitians, we leave that arena to people like Reverent Paterson who said that what is happening to Haiti is the results of the pact they made with the devil to get their independence against Napoleon.

I want to stress that I think that Reverent Paterson is wrong. Having said that, we have to recognize that he is the only one who addresses the questions that some of us have about what is going on in Haiti. We need a different type of answers than the one that are given to us. There are a series of questions that are moving in our heads since that earthquake took place but no one wants to answer them and that’s why we end up with the most ridiculous answers like the one Reverent Paterson gave.

The institutions are giving us scientific explanations and a way to take our mind of the questions that are bowling in our heads by asking us to help Haitians. All that is very good but it does not change the fact that nobody is answering to our questions. Everything is done in order to stop us from pushing further into our questions. As if they were scared of what we would find.


The truth is, when we are confronted to a crisis like that, whether we like it or not, we start to question our stability. We see the fragility of things around us. We begin to question our reality and ourselves about who we are. If we go in that direction, there is a risk that we are not going to believe the institutions anymore. We might build our lives based on our own belief instead of the ones of the systems and if we do that, the system will fall. It is therefore in the interest of the system to keep us asleep and away from those questions.

All the explanations that the media are giving us and the help that they are asking us to give is moving our focus from the questions that came in our heads immediately after we heard about the earthquake to something that will give us the impression that we took actions to save people. I want to reiterate that I think helping Haiti in this time of crisis is absolutely important and necessary. The problem lies after we have done that.

By keeping our attention on saving people, we neglect what awaken from within us when we heard about that disaster. If we stay away from what was within us, we are not going to come up with our own conclusions but we will adopt the ones that the media are going to give us.

Those questions are legitimate ones. It is a sign that we have to go beyond what is being provided to us. Unfortunately, the system will reach its objective and no one will answer to our questions but most of us will not even look for a beginning of an answer. We will go to our usual reassuring answer about everything.

If we have questions, we should find a way to answer them and if the media are not doing it, we should not abandon our efforts to get the answers that are satisfying for us.


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