Happy new year everyone

I just took the boat that will take me to 2010. I want a thank everyone who helped and supported me in 2010. I want to thank everybody who spent few minutes on crazyreal’s blog this year and I wish you a wonderful 2010. May all the things you want and need come to you easily. I hope that you will continue to past by “crazyreal” in 2010. It has been a great pleasure to write not only for me but also for you and I promise that I will continue to do it. I love it too much.

Once again, let me wish you a happy new year.

Take care,



Let’s make love to 2009 one more time

This is it, only one day left before we jump in 2010 or before 2010 arrives in our life with its packages of surprises. We just spent twelve months with 2009 and God it was special. Whatever happened in those months, however we felt it, we can no longer blame it on 2009 because if we do it, it will continue in 2010. If we keep on crying on what happened in 2009, chances are that it will continue in 2010. We need to move forward and accept it. I am even going to say that we need to love it before we get into 2010.

If we are able to love everything that happened in 2009, it means that we got the lessons that were within the circumstances we were facing. Therefore in the spirit of gratefulness and in the last hours we have with this ending year, let’s embrace it one more time as if it was the best year of our life because surely it was even if we did not see it that way.

All the things that took place were neither good nor bad. The circumstances we faced were just opportunities to know and to love ourselves deeper. We should be grateful for it. Whether or not we were able to love who we are at a different level within those circumstances, we should be thankful to know that things happened in our life to make us change in the direction of love whether we were able to see it like that or not.

If in 2009 we did not cease those opportunities to change, we should be grateful that 2009 did everything it could to help us and respected our choices to close our eyes to change. By ending tomorrow, 2009 is promising that we will have other chances to move our life around in 2010. So, let’s be happy that 2009 loved us so much that after doing everything it could to bring us to love who we are, it did not stop loving us but instead it chose to give us in the good care of 2010.

Let’s just love ourselves for having been able to be in 2009 on earth and to participate to what is being implemented here as we speak. As always, it is a temporary travel and we should always remember that even when it is scary. Soon or later, we will be called back to our Lord to accomplish others things. Knowing that, let’s not waste time in frivolities instead of enjoying the ride. Let’s agree that 2009 was the best one so far regardless of how we felt it. It was the best of all the years we lived and we can not stop thanking it for everything it brought and taught us.

We took the trip and now we are living through the challenges we put ourselves into and for that we should love ourselves even more and be grateful to our creator for giving us the ability to do it. Let’s love who we are because we know that we are in him, through him and by him. He made us who we are and for that let’s thank 2009 for giving us many occasions to see it whether we noticed it or not.

With 2010 around the corner, let’s just hope that the opportunities we missed in 2009 will help us recognize the ones that are going to come on our way in 2010 and with those precious lessons in mind, let’s hope we will cease them and will use them to their fullest extend. But before we do that, let’s make love to 2009 one more time.

Let’s be grateful for 2009

We are almost there. 2009 is coming to an end. Only 2 days left and we will be in 2010. The countdown has started and in few days, we will be celebrating the New Year and 2009 will be over. We only have 2 days left to enjoy the pleasures or the difficulties that 2009 gave us. Our hopes and wishes for 2010 should be ready by now.

A decade is ending and a new one is starting. What exactly is waiting for us in 2010 or during this incoming decade? No one knows for sure. How is this year going to start? How can we know? Should we know about it? Where are we going with this New Year?

Since no one knows what’s ahead of us, let’s take comfort in knowing what we know about 2009. Let’s make peace with 2009 and let’s be thankful for whatever it brought us whether we think it was good or bad.

Whatever were our circumstances and whatever we did, let’s just ask for forgiveness not only to the ones we hurt knowingly or unknowingly but also to ourselves for what we did to others and most of all to who we are and to God.

When we jump in 2010, let’s make sure we understood what 2009 was all about. Let’s remember how good things were and how we survived to everything that happened to us. No matter where we are now, let’s remember that we are responsible of our situation and that it is the best news because it means that we can move things forward. It means that we can change our situation.

Let’s be grateful for 2009.

My hands

Give me your hands even though I have a hard time opening them for you.

Give me your hands even though I am responsible of the fact that our hands are not together.

Give me your hands even if your hands were always there, opened to me and I did not grab them.

Give me your hands even if I should say, I accept your hands. I no longer reject them. I do not want to pretend anymore that I do not see it or

that I am looking for them.

I came to the realization that I did not want to take your hands.

Your hands were telling me something I did not want to accept. After trying everything I could to do things my way, I have to recognize that

your hands were not only telling the truth but they were showing me the only way to be.

I know your hands very well. This is why I did everything to escape them. I know what grabbing your hands implies and this is exactly why I did

not want to do take them.

Without your hands, I am lost. Your hands are the only hands I have. The only thing I did by refusing to take your hands was to waste my time.

I realize now that I did not want to take my responsibilities and I did my best to escape them.

Today I am ready to take my Hands and to do my part. Time is running out. I will never fall in this trap again.

With my hands which are your Hands, I am ready to be the architect of my life in your way.

Let my will become your will and thank you for your patience.

Good bye 2009 and welcome 2010

Well, this is almost it for 2009. The decade is coming to an end and what a strange one it was. We started this century rather weirdly and we are ending it with the oddest feeling of all. It is as if things have changed, not exactly the way we were expecting them to change but in an interesting way, nobody had foreseen where we are today and nobody really knows where we are going.

I am not even sure that the people who are at the top really know what exactly is going on. I think this is where we are at this point. No one knows who is responsible of anything. Nobody can give a name the people who are responsible of the situation we are in. Even if we name a few of them, it will be incomplete because it will not include everybody and God only knows many people are.

We hear corporate crooks, lobbyists, financial crisis, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Enron, AIG, bonuses, bailout and nobody is to blame for. I know we do not have to necessarily look for somebody to blame but everybody is acting as if the system was running alone. I am sorry to say this but the system runs because people are behind it but nobody knows who those people are. They have acronyms and we do not know them. They are inter-changeable and there is almost nothing we can do about it or against them.

This is what this decade leaves behind. Here we are, everything has changed but everything almost stays the same. We are still angry but we are not as angry as we used to be in the past.

Luckily, the world does not consist only of financial turbulences. We also have the weather. And today, we had a soft one. The snow was melting and it felt good to walk in the streets without freezing. Perhaps this is what we should keep in our heads as this decade is coming to its end. Maybe we should just think of how wonderful the earth is. Indeed, after everything we have done to damage the earth and the sky, it still allows us to live on it safely. It shows how much we are loved in spite of our childish behaviour. Mother earth is still accepting to carry us at its surface and we should be thankful for that.

Oh, I almost forgot that this year, we bombed the moon apparently just to see if there was any water there. This is how we behaved. We bombed the moon just to see if water was there. Sometimes I wonder what we would have done if we wanted to know if there was Gold. When I see what we are able to do just to see if there is water, I do not want to think about my second question. It is interesting to note that our second, third, fourth contacts or whatever number it is with the moon, we decided to bomb it. Well, it sounds like a beautiful beginning. I can not wait to see what will come after.

By the way, they got a deal on health care reform at the senate. It means there is chance that they might have a deal between congress and senate about health care next year. I guess, it is good news and one that we should be celebrating. I guess! But we never know what deals are hidden behind the things that are done for the people.

As for the rest, the war is raging in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Congo, Sudan, Yemen, between Israeli and Palestinians and I guess it is a bad thing. But like we all know by now, we never know what are the deals hidden behind each of those wars.

To end on a more personal note, I will say that 2009 is over and there is nothing we can do about it. The only thing we have to do is to welcome 2010 and its incoming decade with a huge smile on our face.


Merry Christmas Everyone

I would like to wish to everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope that you will eat like crazy and have lots of gifts.

Take care,


For the love of God

Once upon the time, a king named Overma was ruling his land with the help of his wife named Sidonia. They had four girls and were unable to conceive a boy. Although the king would have wished to have a boy to rule his kingdom as it was the customs and the habits in his land, it did not take him long before he accepted that destiny wanted his land to be ruled after him by a girl. He therefore past several laws that allowed women to be in power.

He loved to observe his daughters grow up. He was telling them that they were the most beautiful things in the world. When they were asking him who was the most beautiful of all of them, he used to answer that God made his first daughter Lucia and he could not believe how beautiful she was. Then he decided to challenge himself in order to see if he was able to do something that would please him as much as Lucia and that would be different. He worked hard and the result he came up with was astonishing. Indeed when he made Lilli, she was not only beautiful but he was amazed by the fact that Lilli’s beauty was not challenging Lucia’s one. It was when they were together that they were the most beautiful. They needed each other light in order to shine with the utmost grace.

Encouraged by what he had done, he decided to see if his next creation would be as powerful the first two. He went back in his workshop and arranged all his instruments. He begun his work and two years later, he made Stacey. Although she was beautiful, what made her different from the others was her discretion. She was not trying to stand out or to be revealed to the world. It was as if she always wanted to be away. She was never fully completely inside or outside. In public, she always allowed her sisters to glow together and then she was revealing herself in the back. Due to her discretion, the qualities that came out right away with her firsts two sisters did not appear right away when people looked at her quickly. If someone wanted to see her confidence, her softness, her kindness, her love of life and her compassion for people, he had to observe her for a long time. She did not allow people to see how she was at the first look. Although her beauty was shown on her face, it was not for everyone to see.


Strange climate summit in Copenhagen

Strange climate summit in Copenhagen

So, another summit about the earth. Our heads of states went there and did their political promotion. Companies increased their influence over the talks and promoted their agenda. Doubts about the climate change are growing as the sceptics are using every trick they can to demonstrate that there is no global warming and if there is, it is not man made.

After listening to Lord Monckton who is by the way one of the people who defended cigarette companies by saying that they do not cause diseases is now promoting the idea that there is no global warming. In order to defend his new cause, he decided that the most efficient way to stop the fight against global warming was to go to court. It is no longer up to scientists to tell us whether or not something in science is true or not, it is up to the court.

He has a clear agenda to fight science by using the judicial systems. He clearly stated it in a fora.tv interview that the industries of the western world were not going to put the way they were doing business in jeopardy because of the non-sense about global warming. He is in a clear mission to defend companies who are polluting just like he did with cigarette companies.

Now, nobody is saying that companies should not be defended. As a matter of fact since they are employing us and they are giving us the money to survive, it is in our interest that we protect them against anything that is a fraudulent but it should not be done by denying what scientists are claming to be true. It should not be done by rejecting the evidences that scientists are showing us nor by using the judicial system to stop them from speaking about a problem.

We should find ways to make those companies do what they want to do without putting humanity at risk. This is the reasonable way to help those companies and their employees.

Lord Monckton is saying that he doubts not only the sceptics about global warming but also the evidence about global warming but what is strange is that he only came up with arguments which are supposedly proving that global warming is false. He promotes himself as a sceptic of both sides when all his actions are just showing that he is clearly in the camp of people who are refuting the evidence about global warming.

In order to increase doubts about the climate change, some of those sceptics are attacking the models that scientists are using to demonstrate the effects of global warming. Unfortunately, if we go this path, we can refute not only global warming but most of today sciences and economics. Indeed many economical theories are based on models. If someone today wants to destroy one of them, he just needs to attack the premises on which the models are based and everything will collapse and we can do that with all models that are being used in the world. Consequently, this argument is a little bite non-sense.


What? climate conference, Copenhangen 15,

Another climate conference, Copenhagen 15

Here we go again. Another big meeting about the climate change. People are giving speeches and the results might be once again extremely limited. Every trick is being used by the governments and the corporations to get away from actually doing anything concrete about the risk of gas emissions in the atmosphere. They said that they will create a climate fund for African countries and they gave conditions to apply for that money. It reminds me of what the IMF and the World Bank do when developing countries are in need of money. They lay out the terms and conditions in order for those countries to get the loan. In other terms, it usually means that they have to accept that their water, their electricity, their natural gas etc go under the control of the countries that are lending them the money.

Now when Hillary Clinton laid out the conditions those countries would have to fulfill, she did not worded the way I did. Of course, she did not. When the IMF and the World Bank put out their conditions when they were presenting their plan to give loans to the third world countries, they never specifically expressed that the countries which would be interested in receiving those loans would have to give out all the possessions they have to the developed countries in order to be qualified to get those loans. But at the end of the day, that is exactly what happened. They used to call that, structural changes and it got such a bad names that they had to change the name. As always, instead of changing the essence of the problem, we changed not even the surface but just the wording of the process. We all felt way better after and things just continued the way they were. The process, in which those loans were given, remained essentially the same and it was business as usual.

Now, they came again with a plan to give loans with conditions. Mhmhmhmhm!!!!! How original this is. So, instead of doing something to create the conditions to adapt or to reduce the things that are accelerating climate change, the industrialized countries decided to use climate change to force the developing countries to do exactly what they want. Climate change is becoming another tool in their hands to pressure the countries they want to acquire stuffs from.

Climate change is now officially something that they are using to do the same thing that they used to do before. Climate change is a new way for them to enforce the control of those developing countries. Nothing of a major importance is being done for the environment but everything is done to reinforce their power over the developing countries through climate change.

We have no reasons to believe that things are going to be different than before. It looks like we are doing the same thing with something that is extremely trendy: climate change.


Entirely me

I have tasted your wine and since then, I am sober

I have seen your footsteps and since then, I want to walk like you

I have listened to your advices and the consequences were immediate in my life. Since then, I want to hear some more

I felt that you touched me from time to time and since then, it is enveloped in You that I want to be

Erase the memories of what I thought I was and let me be the one I do not imagine to be

Show me entirely who I am. Surprise me with what you know of me that You have not revealed to me yet

I am moving my thoughts toward You and I am transforming them into thoughts of compassion, kindness prosperity, healing, peace and love in order to make each step of mine, your step

Together, we are creating each of the steps we are making. Our steps are now one step. My feet became yours and your walk is now done through them. There is no difference between you and me now. We are the same.

It is in you that I became the real me. By allowing you to be entirely in me, I became entirely me


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