Brief eye contacts

She had black shoes. Although they were closed in the front and on the back, it showed the middle of her skin feet. Those shoes were not fully adapted to the shower that was pouring outside. She was waiting for the bus 24 Sheerbroke metro. Even though she was skinny, she was not skinny sick. Her weight went perfectly with her height. The blue jeans she was wearing had nothing extraordinary but it suited her very well. It was clear that if anyone was passing his hands on her legs, he would not touch her bones but her skin that enveloped her flesh so very well. Everything seemed to be well adjusted to her legs.

She wore a white t-shirt on top of which she added a grey sleeveless summer top that was loosely held on her by two strings going from the middle of her breast to the middle of her back while passing on top of her shoulders. Her white t-shirt made a very nice curve on her breast and the sleeveless grey summer top was just accentuating the lines and the curves of her middle size breast.

On top of all those, she had a light green almost turquoise pull of over that was unbuttoned. She was appeared both careful and at the same time nonchalant. Her head had nice features, beautifully cut, perfectly proportioned and accurately matched the size of her body. She had curly hair and no make-up. Her finger was periodically realigning her eyewear with her eyes because they were slipping on her nose.

She was not at the first look, the most beautiful girl but after careful observation, she would convince anyone who would go beyond the appearances that she was more than worthy of attention.  She seemed cautious, calm and discreet. She was not going to be the one starting the party but once she was warmed up, anything could happen. You did not know right away what to expect but you knew you were in for surprises. Although she appeared to be shy, she was nonetheless comfortable and relaxed. She was not scared but not aggressive at the same time.



Change Part 2

Yahia was in a quest to know why he believed that he was incapable of doing several things. When he saw that his life revolved mainly around fighting that idea and proving to others that it was not true, he realized that he was actually fighting his own belief. It was not so much what the others believed but what he had come to believe about himself. He had been fighting against a belief that was rooted inside him. He accepted that because the people he loved and care for acted in a way that made him believed that he could not achieve anything. Once he swallowed what they put in his head, he was angry because he had to abandon who he was. His goal became clear. He was going to prove them wrong by distancing himself from anything that he was. He centered his life on that idea.

Falling became the most dangerous thing for him. Indeed every time he had fallen, it was an immediate reminder that he was just not able to do what he wanted. The fear of falling was so intense in him that it became obvious for him that he wanted to fall. All his instincts were pushing him to go in that direction. He had resisted all these years but every inch of his body was telling him to fall in order for him to see the consequences for him.

He needed to fall because he needed to see that there was nothing to fear or so little that it did not justify the protection he had around him against it. He could also realize that it was certainly not the end of him. By confronting his fear, he was doing himself a favour. It was the only way for him to see for himself what fear was all about. Was it the proof that he could not accomplish anything? Was it the sign that he was less than the others? And even if everybody around him was thinking that, did it really matter unless he was the one thinking that way?



It is by far the most memorable thing Yahia has done. When he entered in that plane, he did not know what would be the outcome of his life. Yahia had traveled a lot in the past but this time, he was doing it for his life but he did not know that. Like most people, the most important decision of their life was taken without them being fully aware of where it would lead them. Yahia was not conscious of the path he was undertaking when he entered so happily in that plane. His vision of the events unfolding in front of him was a mixture of excitement, pride, relief that something good was finally happening into his life. There was also a little bite of a superiority feeling to have left the others behind. It was some sort of confirmation that he did not belong to the world he was in. At last, life was giving him satisfaction. He would show the world what he was capable of.

Deep inside him, he had always known that he was made for greater things. The people he grew up with were expecting that from him. It was not only his family which was thinking that but his friends as well. At least, that was what he was thinking. After careful recollection, he realized that his family never really thought that he would be a great person. He decided to run for what was supposed to be greater things in order to show them that he was capable to achieve grandiose things.

He was portraying an image of someone who was going to achieve immense realization and was preparing himself for such a destiny. Maybe, this was the reason his friends had such high expectations of him. Over his university years, he was very much involved into social actions. There was absolutely no surprised there since he had always positioned himself for something like this. His involvement was therefore almost a natural thing. It seemed so easy for him to do it that there was absolutely no way that he was not going to end up falling into something that would be in this area or something even better. All the social campaigns he was doing gave him the appreciation and admiration of his comrades. Those applauses and envy he could sense in their eyes were only contributing to maintain the dream that he had which was to do something big.


Inconditional Love

Yacin had difficulty to accept his role in the situation he carefully installed himself. He had often postponed his arrival to this point. Now it seemed like the only thing he could do was to just fall into it. Everything Yacin had learnt so far was going to be implemented soon. The boundaries around him have been opened so widely that at any given moment, he could go in any direction.

When the wind was blowing, if he was not prepared or was not clear about the objectives he wanted to pursue or had not thought well in advance of where he wanted to go and especially did not know why he was doing what he was doing, he risked to see himself being pushed in directions that were not at his best interest.

He had been tested quite often in the past but never like he was soon going to be. Yacin trusted in his ability to turn the situation around with the help of life. He was going to verified that in the sequences of events that were going unfold in the couple of days. It was not just going to be about his capacity to trust life this time but also the amount of love he had for himself that would enable him to move forward although he was confronted to incoming challenges. How his behaviour would be when he would undergo the difficulties that were waiting for him ahead was the real question. It was one thing to wish to be in these troubles, it was another thing to be prepared for it and it was something completely different to live them. Yacin was heading for the real thing this time. It was no longer just a wish or a show of the depth of his understanding in order to impress his colleagues but it was about experiencing what he had always talked about or heard about.

Nobody was around to see him. He was not going to get any applause. As the matter of fact, at best, it will be quite the opposite that will happen when he will go through the ordeals life had in store for him. At worst, nobody will care. It is alone with himself that he will look at his situation and will experience how it is to be at the place he always wished to be.

He was not doing it for anybody else but him. It was only for him. Yacin could not even begin to explain his situation because nobody could understand. It was him who had desired this faith and him alone who had to fulfil the dream he had. It was not for glory. Nobody would come and congratulate him for the achievement. No one would know. It will only be he, himself and him.

Yacin’s wish was to remain trustful of life in any given circumstances and to be able to accept the conditions he had put himself in whatever they were. He believed that if he was in front of any trouble, his flexibility will make him move toward the things that were going to be good for him. Therefore as long as he was patient, submitted to reality and trustful of life, his flexibility will allow him to make the necessary steps that will lead him to the best for him.

When the holy war started, he realized that something was missing in order for him to materialize what he wanted out of life. There was a complete lack of love. There was not enough love inside him to carry on his wishes or agenda. He could not attract the best for him because he did not think that he was the best or deserved the best. He saw that he was fighting in a cold way. Increasing love for himself will give him the flexibility he needed to move to what he wanted. He lacked Unconditional Love that was the only attribute that could melt the ice that was making him blind in front of the things that were good for him. 



A two years old girl named Himaya was playing in the grass in front of the river while her mum named Sonia was watching her with one eye and following what her mother in laws was doing and saying with the other eye. Himaya had a white dress that became larger and larger from her ribs to her feet. A pink line of flowers was surrounding the dress at each level. It gave the impression that the dress had stairs with a pink colour in between them. Her hair was attached with pink and white elastic. Her shoes were white and the laces were pink as well. Sonia and her mother in-laws were wearing black scarf with white lines and a long brown dress covering them from head to toe.

While Himaya was playing, her mum and her grand-mother were looking at the river without exchanging words. When the mother in law was opening her mouth, it was to tell her daughter in law to pay more attention to Himaya. Although Sonia was doing what her in-law was asking, she nonetheless mentioned to her that there was nothing to be worry about because she was taking care of everything. Sonia did not venture to disobey Himaya grand-mother. She knew that doing so would simply make her life miserable because the moment they would get back home, all her brother in-laws including her husband and perhaps especially her husband and sisters in-law would hear about it and she would be scolded for refusing to take care appropriately of her child. Her husband in particular would be irritated because she would have embarrassed him in front of his family and brothers. Indeed if she was able to disobey to his mum, if she did not respect her mum’s husband, it meant that she did not respect anybody in the family especially him.


Flying scarf

Shafika was in the park with her three brothers, four sisters and her parents. Family friends had joined them for a barbecue. They were enjoying themselves, playing ball and running around. Although the sun was strong, it was extremely windy at times. As they were playing, Shafika scarf was getting louse on her head. She was having so much fun that she did not take the time to fix it properly. She was just doing the minimum to maintain it on her head.

Somebody threw the ball and as she was running to catch it, her scarf fell down and she did not even notice it. A guy on her left told her that her scarf had fallen. As soon as Farid told her that, she immediately stopped running. She was ashamed, embarrassed and confused. She put her hand on her head to cover her hair and to make sure the scarf was no longer on her. When she went backward to take her scarf, the wind started blowing and as she bended down to take it, the wind pushed it ahead. She made few steps more to catch it and the wind pushed it again. She started running to take it but the wind would not stop pushing it further.

The wind blew even more and its power maintained the scarf in the air. It was flying all over the place and Shafika was running after it. People around were looking at the scene with much curiosity and a little bite of amusement. Shafika was chasing her beautiful silky green scarf flying alone. She was jumping to catch it but the wind was playing “catch me if you can” with her and her scarf. The games her families and friends were playing stopped when they realized that something was going on. They turned around to check what was going on and they saw Shafika running after her scarf. First her sisters ran after it as well and since they were not able to catch, her brothers entered the chase. They all went after it but the wind was pushing it further and further as well as higher and higher.


True Nature vs. 2nd Nature

As far as Karim could remember, he was always an oddity. His main character had always been of being extremely sure of himself. The people around him made everything they could to destroy that self confidence for his own protection of course. Whenever they would see that he was getting over his head, they would throw a remark that would simply make him doubt himself or even worst humiliate him. Karim was not easy to break. The more resistance he shown them, the more hateful their remarks became and the more physical they would be with him. His nature was to speak his mind whenever he wanted even if nobody asked him to do so. He was always trying to show that he knew everything.

With time, the determination of his family to go against his nature took over. He was so scared of being brought down by people around him every time he was himself that whenever he realized that he got carry away and had shown his true face, he usually became so ashamed that he could not stand himself. He wanted to run away. He wanted to leave his body because he had dared shown who he was. He had been so beaten down that when he was speaking his mind, he was just waiting for the scratch to come even if nobody had said anything. This habit had been so well implemented over the years around him and inside his head that even when they were not speaking, he felt their words around him as arrows ready to enter his body.


As the desert is

John was walking with his father in the desert and he asked him if there was any good reason for the desert to be so big. His father thought for a moment and kept quite. He could not come up with an answer. With the refusal of his son to take no for an answer, he made up something. He told him that the desert was like John. It needed to grow up and to understand the world. It was going everywhere and observed what was going on. His father ended by saying that if the desert could, it would ask question to everyone just like he was doing.

Surprised by his father answer and unable to know whether or not what his father told him was true or not, he told him that maybe the desert wanted to know everything just like him. His father just said: “maybe”. John looked at his father and told him that if he was like the desert, then he should behave just like it. He should be able to go everywhere and see for himself.

Sensing that his son was getting smart at him and realizing that he should have thought a little bite more before answering his first question, he paused for a moment and told him that he did not need to that because human beings had already created schools where he could learn anything about everything. He did not need to travel like the desert was doing and beside how he was going to survive without his Mum food.


The bakery

Alexander was working in his bakery with few of his sales men and women. The bakery had a very nice reputation in the city. Alexander and his brother Lucas owned the place. They alternated their shift. When one was working in the morning from 4:00 am till 12:00 pm, the other was working from 12:00 pm till 8:00 pm and vice versa. The bakery was famous for its huge croissants with butter and its huge chocolate cakes. Everything was done “à la française”. They also imported products from Belgium and France. During lunch time, sandwiches, soups or cooked meals done in the morning were available.  They had everything ready for all the employees of the companies that surrounded the bakery. They were going there to have their lunch at least twice a week. If it was not for their lunch, they were going there to grab a coffee or tea during their break time.

The bakery was perfectly located because it was at the entrance of a subway station. Anyone who was leaving or going to take the subway had to see or smell the coffee, the croissants, the baguettes, or the sandwiches. If they did not pay attention to the bakery, the people who were coming out were always loaded with lots of good stuffs to eat. At least one out of five passengers to the subway would stop to buy something. There were also ten to fifteen tables in that bakery where people could take their coffee or their meal.

In addition to the fantastic products from the bakery, they also had like a mini grocery store where all the products were organic. They imported wines from Europe and South America. Each product they had whether it was cookie, sausage, cheese, yogurt, was certified from a well known place in a European country.

It was a very practical place. When people came late in the evening exhausted from their day at work and did not want to do their grocery store or to cook a big meal, they knew they had the option of stopping at the bakery. It was good, fresh, healthy and easily available and to carry. It was just on their way home. While they were waiting for the bus, they could find something to eat at an affordable price. Whenever people left their home too quickly without eating their breakfast, they were not worry because they had in their mind that they could always stop there to take something. It became an extension of their life.

Alexander and his bakery store/grocery store/coffee place came handy for birthdays. If people were lazy and did not want or did not know how to cook the cake for their friends or for themselves, on their way to the party, the last minute gift was one of Alexander cakes with a bottle of wine.

Although the decoration was minimal, the painting he had on his wall reminded “les follies bergères” or the “dada” movement of the early twenties in Paris. The old brown chairs and the tables in broken white marbles added to the feeling of early twenty century European style the bakery was giving off. They hired only French speaking sales women and men with a French accent. When Alexander and Lucas welcomed the customers, they immediately knew that they were not from Montreal but from Belgium. When people were in their bakery, they had the feeling that they were in a special foreign place for food but they were only at sherbrooke metro in Montreal.

Soccer game

Joining his friends in Park Lafontaine had not been easy. He finished as quickly as he could at work and jumped in the bus. He did not want to make them wait. They had scheduled to start their soccer game around 5:30 pm. When he arrived, everybody had already worn their team’s shirt and was ready to play. He run in the bathroom to change and came back. Each team had nine players and was composed of five men and four women. The game was divided in two half an hour.

Both team played very well. During the first 1/2 hour, nobody scored although there were many passes and shoots to the goals. On the other hand, the second part of game was more intense. Each team was more confident and the circulation of the ball within their respective members was more fluid. They were even more determined to score. The flow was good and the strength with which each member who had an occasion to hit the ball toward goal increased. In order to win the game, they needed to be more aggressive.


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