Simple plan

Few thousands years ago, couple of humans beings discovered the secret of life after many years of research. They found that they could do anything they wanted to achieve. They enthusiastically went to see the king and gave him all their findings. He thanked them and took all the documents with him. The king ordered his council to be assembled. He told them about the discovery of his researchers. After few minutes of joy, he told them that if they were to reveal that information to the public, they would loose all their privileges. They decided that it would be best if they kept that information away from the public.

The findings were astonishing. Indeed humans being could travel from one place to another without the help of any animals should they knew the secret. They could travel in space. They could go anywhere they wanted if they knew how to use their mind. They could transform anything at their will and do much more.

In order to stop them from doing so, after further discussion, the council came to the conclusion that they needed to scare the people and make them believe that they needed all the material things they had around them in order to live happily. As long as they believed that they needed to increase their knowledge to create those things, they kept themselves away from the knowledge of themselves. Indeed the knowledge of themselves would provide them the secret of life but if they did not know, there was no way they would ever found out. It was a simple plan but very efficient. It kept the best mind on earth away from the secret of life. Since then, people developed all the things that made them dependent on the material stuff and nothing about the power that their mind had. Who would have thought that distraction would have kept human beings asleep for such a long time?



Unleashed Part 6 and final

Unleashed Part 6 and final

In the cab, she kept on looking back to see if her brothers took the car to follow her. When she saw that they were not, she calmed herself. She realized after that she had done it. She stepped out with her luggage. Lisa her friend who came with the cab asked her if she was alright. She thanked her for coming so quickly on such a short notice. She told her that if she would not have come that fast, she might have had second thought about it. Thanks to her, she was now out. She had chosen herself instead of her community and family. She will be among the people who betrayed and gave a bad name to the community. Choosing to do whatever she wanted regardless of the consequences for her family was a bold move.

The others girls in her community suffered the same thing as Djemila but they had already abandoned the fight. They did not want to appear as the one who will say bad thing about their family and their community. They did not want to break the link with their community. They usually told themselves that it was impossible to change the men and women in their community. Things had been like that for such a long period of time that, it became their second nature. They have seen so many women following the steps their mum, aunts and cousins had followed that it was a bite natural for them to fall back into it. The prejudice against their community was so high that they felt like they had to defend it no matter what. They were under attack and everybody who left their community and would not follow the traditions was cut completely from their family and their community.


Unleashed Part 5

Unleashed part 5

As the wind blew on her, the panic she felt diminished. Instead of being mad at herself for the way she talked to her older brother, she felt awkward to be able to answer to him and especially that he did not answer back at her. She did not know where she got the courage to say what she said. The moment she stopped allowing them to tell her what to do, they could not do anything. Her new behaviour although surprising and new was not in contradiction with her desire to act like a man. It was one thing to challenge the men on what they were doing but it was another to challenge her family and act in a way that would be considered disrespectful. She was amazed by what she had done.

Even though the guilt and fear were no longer blinding her, they were still there and she wanted to go home and see what was awaiting her. She knew there were not many possibilities for her when she would arrive home. She would either say that she was sorry and everybody would be happy and put her little distorted escapade behind them. Or she would tell them the truth and exposed herself to consequences that would not be pleasant for her. She wanted to go for the second option. On her way back home, she thought that the opportunity she had was to tell them for the first time what she really felt was either a rare or a unique one. It would not come again soon. If she kept it inside, she might never have the courage to do it again. The time had come for her to say what she wanted and to fight for it. She did not want to continue to observe their rules and she knew that after saying that, things could go in many different directions and none of those had a happy ending for her family and her.


Unleashed Part 4

Unleashed Part 4

As Djemila was walking, she realized what she had done. Her scarf was no longer on her head. She was not used to walk without it. Although people were not particularly looking at her, she felt like all eyes were on her. She felt like she was not respecting the people around her especially the men. She had the impression that without the scarf, she was almost naked and was doing everything she could to attract them. In her mind, not wearing the scarf would make men attack her. Without the scarf, she felt unsafe in the streets. Those thoughts were making extremely nervous.

It was not long before somebody smiled at her. She found it odd. She quickly turned her face away. She thought that maybe, he was smiling at her because she looked like a prostitute. She was offended by it. Was he smiling at her because he thought he could pick her up as if she was a whore or that easy? Is it how men were going to look at her now that she had chosen not to wear the scarf? The more unanswered questions she had, the more her worries grew.

She was so beautiful and exotic that men and women were constantly turning their head on her side when she was passing. It made her very uncomfortable. For a moment there, she thought of putting back the scarf on her head to protect herself against those looks. She was scared that people would jump on her. If someone jumped on her and raped her, what would happen of her? How was she going to justify the fact that she took her scarf off. How was she going to explain it? She would not be able to say that she did not know because her family spent their life telling her how dangerous the world outside of their house was but she did not listen to them. Now she was in the middle of the world and anything could happen. She was scared. At least when she had the scarf, if something would happen to her, they would know that it was not her fault but if somebody was raping her at that moment, it was according to her traditions entirely her fault. She did not want to face that. She was fearful. She realized that the scarf was a great mental protection. When she was wearing it, she was never scared. She knew Allah was protecting her. She knew she done everything she could and the rest was in Allah hands. She was indestructible with that scarf. Without it, she was weak.


Unleashed Part 3

Unleashed Part 3

All the things that ever happened to her since she was twelve came out of the fact that she was a girl. The female sex completely locked her in a situation that she could not escape. She hated that sex. She hated being a girl. All the things she was not able to do were because she was a girl. Instead of hating the system that created this situation or the people who implemented, she hated herself. Being a girl had been the most disappointing thing she had to face in her life. She had tried to hide it the best way she could but the evidence was all over her. She had massive breast. She could not cover them up.

Even though all her body was showing out in the open how much of sexy female she was, she did everything to behave as a man. She was quite successful at it. Unfortunately for her every time she was taking it too far like eating with her hands in restaurants, people reminded her that she should not forget about the fact that she was a girl. As such, she was supposed to behave in a certain way in a restaurant for example. There were many cases like that where people interjected in her behaviour to adjust it because she got cut of taking it to a level where they felt a bite embarrassed.

She had developed her male character so well that what transpired when she talked, ate, joked, laughed and behaved with girls or men was that she could have easily been a man. People had the impression that they were talking to a man. Anybody who would pay attention and would not be mesmerized by her sexiness would recognize that what only came out of her actions and behaviour were the male side she spent so much time pushing for in her body. She had adopted the reflexes men usually had.


Unleashed Part 2

Unleashed Part 2

Lying on the sand with no towel was certainly uncomfortable but was priceless for her. It had been a long time she did not have the right to swim without her clothes on. Being able to just feel the sand on her body was unthinkable for her few days ago. It was burning, itching and quite frankly not the best mattress but she loved it.

Few minutes later when she opened her eyes, she realized that many people were looking at her. Was it because she did not have a bathing suite? Was it because her body had an odd feature that she did not know? Was it because she was not supposed to be there? What were those looks about? She maintained a straight face about it and observed carefully the people around her. They were all shaved everywhere but her. Her bra and underwear were white see-through. The moment it got her attention, she ran to the showers. She took one and wore her clothes and left the beach.

She was not disappointed by her experience at the beach. She was more frustrated that she had been kept from the world for such a long time that she had never really worry about shaving herself before going to the beach. Why should she have thought of that? She was always going in water with her clothes on. She had no man to please around her and definitely not herself. Since the beginning of her adolescence, all she was able to experience was to hide herself from the outside world. She learnt since she was twelve how to protect herself from the outside looks. She viewed the world as a place of danger for her. She cultivated and maintained the traditions she was living in. She immersed herself into the world trying to be as discrete as possible and to limit as much as possible her lonely outdoors experiences.



Djemila was running as quickly as she could. She was not going in a clear direction. She did not know why she was running but she was going at it wildly. The two scarves she had were no longer able to hide all her hair. The white one that was holding her hair from almost the middle of her front to her neck in order to cover the hair that could have been seen on top of her face was realising some hair to the public. The blue one that she wore from near the middle of her head was going all the way to the middle of her back to dissimulate this time the long hair she had on her back. As she was running, the blue one was unfolding and exposing how long and curly her hair looked.

People around her could saw at both ends how her hair and her scarves were jumping from left to right and sometimes up and down. She did not have time to think about putting it all inside or even wanted to do it. She was just running as if she wanted all that to fall and did not have the courage to do it herself.

The almond dark eyes and her long eye lashes inserted in her beautiful white oval face not too thin nor too big with her hair floating around gave her an air of mystic gipsy girl. Her turquoise shirt with long sleeves that was slightly opened in the middle of her throat was following the movement her breasts. As they were going up and down, the shirt was showing and covering a little bite of her belly. She had a tight jean. When she was running, even though she was completely covered, the people around her could see the forms of her legs, thighs, hips and butt. The running accentuated the shape of her incredible sensual traits. They were able to see how perfectly cut her body was and how sexy was the outfit she was wearing.


An evening in the park

After a day at work, Sonia went back home, changed her clothes and since the prospect of staying in her apartment did not excite her that much, she decided to go take a walk in the park Lafontaine. She walked at a slow pace while observing the people in the park. To her left, there was a big field for dogs. They were running around, chasing ball, fighting against one another and playing. Their masters were discussing about their habits and the food they like to have. To her right, there were a series of ten tennis courts. They were one in front of each other. Each of them was surrounded by a wire netting. The recent tennis tournament encouraged the players to come out and exercise their talent. They looked nice with their outfit.

Sonia continued to walk and she stopped at the fountain to drink water and in front of her, people had brought two public benches together and they were laughing, drinking and having dinner. Few steps away from them, a young mother was eating with her small child. Another mother was sat below a tree while her son was running around pretending to be a super hero. Behind her, two teenagers’ girls who appeared to have put their make up for the first time since it was all over the place came to the park with a laptop on which they were clicking to listen music or watching music video. They were chatting about different subjects and were enjoying marijuana. Many couples had brought their dinner and sat on the grass in order to eat.

There was what appeared to be several birthdays’ party in the park. In one corner of the park, balloons of different colors were pumped up and attached to trees. They brought together benches and lot of food were on the table. When the cake arrived, the birthday woman blew up the candle. In another site of the park, they put a series of candles on the grass creating the shape of a star. They brought a chocolate cake that was enlightened with coloured candles and they sang the birthday song when they uncovered it.

There were three improvised and removable volley ball fields which were installed quickly on the grass or on the sand with two sticks and a net. They were playing hard and expressed their joy or their disappointment when they scored or missed the ball. Close to the volley fields, there was an improvised soccer field as well. A team of ten topless men were playing against another team that had their shirts on. They were yelling to get the ball, to receive the ball and to pass the ball. They were sometimes angry because they could have put a goal but they missed it because one of them who was obviously extremely crazy decided to play personal thinking that he had the talent of both Maradona and Pele inside him. Unfortunately for him, he was neither of them. After he tried his luck and it did not work, his team mates looked at him and said: “dude, why didn’t you pass the ball. It was an easy goal if you had play with the team”. He tried to justify but what was done was done. It was too late now. It was written.

Body personal trainers had their gang or trainee with them and were pushing them to work out. They were running, doing exercises, as their master was encouraging them.

Cyclists were passing by and they stopped when they saw guitarists playing music. They were playing English, French and Spanish songs. There were also people who were just walking like Sonia. People who like Sonia did not feel like staying at home was the best idea and they decided to go in the  park to change their ideas or just to see what was going on their.


The fight within Part 3 and Final

The fight Within Part 3 and Final

Fatima paused for a moment to drink her tea. She told Samira that even when she was competing with men, it was only a caricature of behaviour because it only shown that she wanted to escape the control she felt. She was acting as such just to prove herself that she was not control and that she could do what men were doing. She thought that acting like a man was the ultimate proof of her freedom. There was nothing wrong about behaving like a man but as long as it was done consciously and calmly without losing sight of why she was doing it. It should have been what she wanted to do not something she was doing in reaction to something she did not even know. Instead, Samira found in behaving like a man another way to fall into perversity. It was not the experience of being a man she was after it was transgressing what was forbidden to her by her family and boyfriends. She did not care about feeling what or how it was to be man but rather to enjoy it as long as it was viewed by her mind as something perverse or trashy. Anything that would make her feels like she was living a degrading life was exciting her very much.

She was not comfortable with both the “perfect girl” and the “whore” images in her head. She did not accept herself and the life she was living. Even though she shown the world otherwise, she detested every aspect of her. She wanted to destroy all of it and in order to do that, she was calling for everything that would put her in a situation where she would be and felt trashed.


The fight within Part 2

The fight within part 2

Fatima looked at her and around the room. She contemplated Samira for a long moment then she looked outside of the window. Samira was looking down a little bite embarrassed and confused as to what the silence and Fatima’s look meant for her. She took a sip of tea and carefully put it back on the floor next to her carpet as if she did not want to interrupt the silence Fatima was into.

Fatima took a long breathing and said that she saw two sides of the same situation. The expression of that problem was going in two ways. She told Samira that she did not know what it meant to be a woman. She was confused by those two images of a woman or girl because those were the only pictures of woman she had in her life. She said that there was a place for many different types of women between the whore and the Saint woman.

Unfortunately, she did not give herself a chance to explore the diversity of possible women within her until she found the one that best suited her. She was trapped between those two opposite images and there was nothing in between. Anything that was in between had to be categorized as either a whore or a Saint. Those two images were so strongly installed in her mind that they did not allow her to even try to see if there might be something different and how she felt about it.

The “perfect girl” was the ideal woman for her. She was judging her behaviour according to that image. Anything that was different from the so called “perfect woman or Saint one” fell in the category of a whore.


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