Invisible woman in black Part 8 and Final

Invisible Woman in Black Part 8

The next day, Merouala assembled them and told them that they had a lot to do: “They have chosen this faith and it was normal for them to feel a little disturb because of what happened. Prior to their arrival on earth and in that city, they all agreed that they wanted to follow this path. Her arrival signalled to all of them even though they were not conscious of it that it was time for them to leave the place. This simple fact explained why all the drama was caused when she arrived. Even the people who stayed in the back agreed to be the ones witnessing your departure. As you can see now, you did not burn. The thing they saw was that you all burnt. None of them saw us evaporating like it actually happened.

Do not worry, the fact that you arrived at this level is the proof that things are advancing on earth. Saïd will continue what he has to do and you will do what you have to do. Do not be scared because it would only postpone your departure from here. The sooner you will get what you came here for, the sooner you will go back in the world to realise your dreams and what you came here for. After going through this path, fear will no longer have the same impact on you. You will see the mysterious ways that the greatest Architect above brought to you through me.

Many things are expected from you up there. You picked the hardest path because you wanted to serve the world and I am telling you that they are very proud of you. Do not be sad because of the people who were left behind. They have something to do there as well. They have to realize themselves in a different way and remember that if you met them once, you will meet them again.



Invisible Woman in Black Part 7

Invisible woman in Black Part 7

The prince insisted that he wanted to reach that level. She told him that he would not say in the future that she had not told him how difficult it was to follow her path. The angels around Merouala listened to him and accepted his demand to walk into the path of love. She added that once in, he would be free to leave at any time should he wish for that. It was already 8:00 am. Merouala told him to accept whatever was going to happen in the next few hours. He asked her what was going to happen and she told him that he should not worry no matter what will happen.

The prince had not realized how fast the time had past. He turned around and saw that he had been completely unaware of what was going on behind him. The soldiers were making the preparation for the fire to burn the condemned. They were all looking at him with surprise. The number of soldiers around them had increased significantly and the population was stunned that he went to talk to her. Indeed wasn’t it the woman they depicted as the angel of Satan? Didn’t she have powers so dangerous that no one was supposed to speak to her for fear of being enrolled in the devil’s way? How come their prince who has condemned many of their brothers and sisters for just questioning the reasoning behind their intervention against that woman was talking to her now? How come when they were talking to her she was the devil and when he was talking to her she was not? Even though the population was told not to question themselves about what the administration was doing, the prince action was too much in their face for them to ignore it. It chocked them and they could not help wonder what was going on.


Invisible Woman in Black Part 6

Invisible woman in black Part 6

Merouala continued and said: “Since you came here because you were interested in the power that you think I have, I will tell you what it is. We have little time ahead of us so I will try to be brief. What you have noticed, are not powers. It is simply not being dependent on anything that is on this earth. I do not mean that I do not recognize the importance of people, nature or our soil but I mean that I am not attached to them. If they help me today, I will gladly welcome and accept them but I will not compromise myself for them in order to gain their support. It is not an easy path because when you see people around you gaining special position or power because they are saying or doing things that are contrary to what they believe, it hurts to see yourself falling in the back at the last place because you have not compromised yourself. You know a lot about that because you have surrounded yourself with people who were compromising themselves every single day.

I am not saying that you should not have them as your advisers it but I am saying that the people who are around you either are scared of you therefore they will never say what they want or they want a position from you and they say exactly what you want to hear. I am sure it is easier to rule when people around you are obedient and scare of you but does it help you? When people know what to do in order to please you, it is easier for them to manipulate you and no one will tell you what you need to hear or the truth. I admit as well that having people around you that are challenging you on a daily basis is neither the easiest thing nor the most fun.”


Invisible woman in black Part 5

Invisible woman in black Part 5

As the prince was walking back to his castle, he thought about how quickly the live of those six men plus the three hundred others had changed dramatically since that woman arrived. He did not know about the other three hundred men but he knew that the six policemen were better than they had ever been before. Unfortunately for them, the day they reached that level of happiness was the day they were sentenced to death. Even though he understood what led to these events, he could not help thinking that it was a strange faith. It did not encourage people to be happy. He needed to understand why things were the way they were.

The realization he made for himself and his curiosity would not let him rest unless he got more answers. The only person who could help him find peace was Merouala. If he was to understand anything, he needed to talk to her right away because in few hours she would be burn and no one around him would be able to help him. In the middle of his way home, he decided to go see Merouala instead of going back to his castle. He and his men galloped until they arrived where the army was guarding the entrance to the hill Merouala was sat on. He got down of his horse and asked his men to stay in the back. He told them that he would go there alone. He did not want them to know the troubles he was going through.

He was a bite worry about meeting her. He feared that he might turn like the six policemen but then again she was the only one who could give answers to his questions. Much to the surprise of his personal guard and the military who were stationed there, he walked toward her. The closer he got to her, the more intense was his fear. He was sweating. In the middle of the way, a soft wind came around him and appeased his fear. It was as if somebody was holding his hands and carrying him to her.


Invisible woman in Black Part 4

Invisible woman in black Part 4

When everybody left, the prince stood there alone in his office. He was relieved that his advisers left. He wanted to be alone. The situation took a turn that he had not anticipated. He looked through the windows and he could see the hill where Merouala was sat. He thought of what was going to happen and his inability to stop it. He did not care about that woman nor did he care about the three hundred men who were going to be burnt with her. It was more the fact that the circumstances were pushing him to do things he did not particularly want. For the first time in his life as a ruler, he was conscious that he did not control anything. The events were at best pushing him in one direction and at worst obliging him to move in one way. When he did not obey to what the situation was calling for, he usually took major risks of being attacked by the system he helped put in place. Therefore, most of the time, he was doing what his system wanted in order to avoid any break down of his power. To maintain himself there, he went to a lot of compromises.

They were doing what he wanted he had always thought. Was it what he wanted or what the system imposed on him? In this case, the system went in a direction that did not please him. He was a responsible of the crisis that the city went through and the final was to be played in the next few hours.


Invisible woman in black Part 3

Invisible woman in black

As everybody left to implement his instructions, the prince stayed quite for a moment. Even though he knew that nothing could stop the sequence of events that would lead to the killing of Merouala by fire, he could not help thinking that if she was able to impress the policemen he sent the first time, what could stop her from doing so the second time around with his advisers and the population. He reassured himself by saying that with the kind of excitement against her that the leaders he assembled earlier would diffuse in the city, no one would be seduced by her. The fear that was about to be instigated in the population about her was going to be so high that his plan had only one way to go and it was toward her execution by fire.

On the hill where Merouala was, nothing had changed. She was still wearing black. She had not move once and her face was looking downward. The military men were still guarding every entrance that led to the hill she sat on. Their presence around her, made the population curious about her. They came close to the entrance to have a glimpse of her. They did not understand and rumours were running fast. Everybody remembered how the first six officers were when they went close to her. They knew she had done something that made them react differently than the way they usually did. They wanted to know what it was that made them so care free and appeased as they were when they went near her. They all saw that she had not touched them. How come the few words they exchanged with her made them stayed at her feet for so long? How was it possible that they shown so much respect to her? A respect that they were only supposed to give to high ranking officials in the city and especially to the prince. What inspired them to behave in such a way?


Invisible woman in black Part 2

Invisible woman in black part 2

Instead of being scared of what was about to happen to them, they were calm. Usually, the dark eyes of their master would have frightened them but this time, they were able to see beyond it. It is true that he was trying to impress them but there was more to the story. The dark eyes were equivalent to the treat he felt at the time. The calm they had in them gave them the ability to see through his eyes. He was as frightened as they were. For the first time in their life, they were not supporting his fear by being even more frightened than he was.

Their calm increased his fear and he was even more enraged than before. He started yelling at them and wondered where the hell they were, what the hell were they doing and why did it take them so long to come back? He reminded them that they were supposed to diffuse the situation but the only thing they had been able to do so far was to inflame it. He told them that because of their actions, he had to deal now with something bigger than the problem they were supposed to solve.

The prince noticed that they were not shaking and that he was the only one angry in the room. It meant that whatever he was saying did not have any effect on them. It enraged him even more but he needed to change the situation. He went to the windows and look outside while thinking of changing tactic with them. No matter how angry he was about the way things turned out to be, they were the only one who could give him information about her. He decided to change his posture. 

He put his hand on his back and went to them this time with a tone of voice that was calm and trustworthy. He asked them what they could tell him about her. The elder of the six policemen said that her name was Merouala and that her voice was the most enchanting he was given to hear in his entire life. Next to her, they felt like for the first time of their life, they were safe. He thanked the prince for letting them see her.


Invisible woman in black Part 1

Invisible woman in black Part 1

Merouala arrived in the city called Said-Al-Fariz. She came with the simplest outfit. She did not have any luggage. She was wearing a black robe that was covering her from neck to toes and the neck of her robe was surrounded by a kind of black scarf that she had on her head. When she entered in the city, people were surprised to see her. They knew it was a woman but they did not know who she was. The lack of luggage and the absence of men who were accompanying her was unusual for them. Even though she did not come in with a caravan, she seemed clean. People were staring at her in order to put a name on that body that was advancing without caring of what was happening around.

A woman traveling alone was not something they were accustomed to especially if she was not using the regular means of transportation. The nearest city was at 100 kilometres. Rare were the men who would travel by foot that distance. The questions which were in everybody mind was: “where was she from and how did she traveled?”

She kept on walking face down in the city. People could only see her silhouette advancing without any sign of fatigue or sign that she was lost in a land she did not know. She arrived next to a small hill and she went on top of it and sat there with her legs crossed. People could see now from far that there was a seating human form covered with a black robe with a scarf on the head on top of the hill that was in the middle of the city. The sun projected its lights around her. Everybody around could see her. They were wondering what she was doing and what she was up to. Nobody had so far the opportunity to see her face. She did not pay attention to the looks that had followed her and were now surrounding her. It seemed as though she was completely turned inward.


Samia free ways

The imam called for the first prayer of the day and Samia woke up. She cleaned up her face and went back to her room. She took her small carpet, unfolded it and did her prayers. When she finished, she folded back the carpet and went back in her bed for few more minutes. An hour later she woke up and got ready for work. At lunch time, one of her most serious suitors Souffienne came and ate with her. They talked and laughed. He said one more time that he was in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He had not yet saw her parents but he was trying to see if she was interested and if not, he would try to convince her that he was the best for her.

It had been almost a year that Souffienne was after her. He had bought lots of gifts to her but she kept on sending them back to him because as she would say, she did not want him to have the wrong impression. She told him that she would not take anything from him as long as she was not sure of wanting to be with him. Taking his gifts would be as if she would pretend that she loved him only to receive more and more gifts. She did not want to disrespect him or to think later that he wasted his money for nothing. It did not stop Souffienne from sending gifts after gifts.

Every time he found out she needed to buy something, he would always propose to accompany her. When he would propose to pay, she would insist to do it with her own money. When she wanted to see a movie, she would only agree to go with him if he would accept that one out every two times, she would be the one paying for both of them. It would drive him mad but what could he had done. He wanted to please her and was still in the convincing phase. He would not dare to challenge her in this period. 


Ways of Allah

Habiba was walking after a day spent thinking about her situation. Ideas were invading her mind. Although she did everything she could to remain calm and focus into her regular duties at home, the terror the ideas she had were pushing her to believe that nowhere she would go, she would be safe.

What had she done to be embroiled into these thoughts? She dared take a path that was not taken by others. What were the rewards she ended up with? None! What were the plans she had for the future? None! It had been several years she was engaged in a battle against the powers that were controlling her mind. She did not know that it would require everything she had. She did not know that she sat herself up for the abandonment of everything and everyone around her.

Indeed she was like a flower that was thrown in the sea and the waves were pushing her further and further from the coast. The further the waves were pushing, the more distant she was from all the things she came from. The more distant she was from the beach, the more the powers that controlled her minds were yelling and asking her to stay with the others. The further she was from the coast, the lonelier she realized she would be. Indeed none of the ones she knew would be around her in the future. Nothing would be around her to support her except the unconditional trust she would put on the waves and the sky.

She saw the addictive pleasures there was in being stocked in the coast with everybody. She was forced to admit that when she was there, it was probably the best time she had but what was she supposed to do? When she saw that there was a way to reach the secret that would free her from all her fears, she could not resist. What was she supposed to do? It is not like she had another passion that would have given her a very good excuse to run away and pretend that she did not see or did not have time for it.


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