The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon the time, there was a baby lion who stepped outside the territory of his parents and got lost in the woods. He tried to come back but he was not able to. His parents, brothers and sister went looking for him but were unable to find him. They spread the word around the forest that if any animal would have any news about their baby, they would be extremely pleased and would be obliged to the person who would find him.

Our baby lion ended up in a distant area from his parents’ territory. He was scared. He saw a whole where he decided to take refuge. When he entered he saw a mouse and it looked frighten and frozen by his presence. It was already thinking about a way to divert the attention of the lion in order to leave the whole without being eaten. The mouse was surprised when the lion asked if it could sleep in his house because he was extremely tired. Fearful of the reaction the lion might have if it refused, the mouse quickly answered: “of course you can” and the baby lion just fell down. Before the lion completely past out, it mumbled with a small voice that his name was Lionel and he was lost. He was hoping that his parents would come and take him back. He asked what the name of the mouse was and the mouse answered: “Mielo” and then Lionel slept.

Mielo observed the lion and was afraid to wake him up. Mielo left the whole and ran. He was angry that the lion stayed at his place because it was forcing him to run away and find a different house again. He was thinking that it is not because they are lions that they can do everything they want. It took me a lot to find that whole. Now that everything was fixed, he just came and took it. Mielo was not pleased to have to do it all over again. Anyway, what could he do? He needed to find a different house or he would be eaten. He should consider himself happy to be alive.



Summer is here

The day started simply. There was nothing too juicy or too spicy. The sun came early and even though it was a Sunday, people went early in Lafontaine Park. Streets were filled with people driving either to a park, to an outside restaurant or to the woods. It looks like everybody was outside.

The warmth weather brought them out. People were released. They did not have work and it was sunny outside. A week before the longest day, the sun with its hot lights was asking people if they really wanted the sunny weather and if they were ready for it. 

By going out in masses, people were encouraging the sun to finalize the deal with Miss Nature in order to launch summer. Spring had almost ended its job. The trees once empty in winter were flourishing of green leaves. Each trees had a bushy and thick green leaves around their boughs. The water brought by the rain during spring entered the ground and the roots of all the trees, flowers and herbs. It triggered the mechanism of refilling nature with its green sites.

Spring was the channel through which nature was changing colors. Due to the rain, the different variations of white, grey and dark lights, nature was reflecting on us during winter, gave ground at first to a greener space that was slowly moving to be navy blue, yellow, red, pink and additional colors. Spring knew it had accomplished its task when it had managed to cover up the white, grey and dark colors the horizon was filled with in winter with warmer, spicier, more welcoming and appeasing colors.

Now that spring is about to leave us, it might be a good time to embrace it one more time. It would be a good summer because spring came by and did what it had to do. We were taken smoothly out of winter. The vision of our eyes changed, the feeling on our body moved and we were not even aware. Everything on earth is so precious that even to go from the cold to the heat, our always careful nature does it on a step by step basis in order to avoid any abrupt change that might unbalanced us. Nature treats us softly. Everything is calculated to the inch close. The time to adapt and to transition is included every time we shift from one season to another.

All the elements of nature are moving with these “in between” seasons including human beings. Unfortunately, our clothes and our eyes, our smell, our taste and our ears which were supposed to help us look deep into ourselves have been formatted to look outside. Now, instead of feeling the transition inside, we are taken away from it.

Everything happens as if we are feeling extremely hot inside us and we take off our clothes, or we take a shower, or we go lie down in the park or we turn on the air condition. We never actually get a chance to feel the heat inside us. We are trained to and we do what is in our power to move away from feeling. Our bodies are feeling it and the worst thing is that our head is not connected to it.

We are never aware of what is going on within ourselves. We have a body that is there to help us understand the world and we are not using it. We are using it for things that are external to us and we believe that it is going to help us internally. There is nothing wrong with using our body for external reasons as long as we do not skip completely what is happening inside ourselves.

One week from the longest day of the year, the sun called us and our bodies ran outside and we thought it was for tanning. Maybe, the sun was telling us that it was time for us to go from within to without. It was time for us to enjoy what was out in nature. Spring has worked very well to give us the best it could in terms of background for our emotions and life. Now we can enjoy. These hot days are for us to externalise what we have decided during the previous months.

Summer is here. It is time for us to shine, to show outside what is within us. It is time to be warmth with ourselves and with others. We are celebrating another transition.

Last cup of coffee at your place

“Why not?” was the answer Sylvio gave to Jane when she suggested to him to come up for a last cup of coffee? “You are not very encouraging” she replied. Sylvio: “I am trying to be very discreet”.

Jane looked at him with a smile and her eyes went on her shoes. She had one of her shoulders at the entrance of her building as she was observing Sylvio who was trying to guess what would be her next move then she said: “discretion will get you nowhere when it comes to love. I am not sure I want to bring in my apartment someone who is not sure. Someone who is just open to the idea of taking a coffee with me. Someone whom I have to drag in my apartment. Someone who is saying: “why not but I could also go outside and jogging”. We are talking about the extra coffee in my apartment in the middle of the night. A yes or no answer is required. I would even go as far as to say an enthusiastic “yes”, a vibrant “yes”, a sensual “yes”, I should even feel the yes before I even ask the question. Don’t make me look like I am begging you to come upstairs. I fixed my hair, did my make up, wore a dress with cleavage, shaved my legs, did my best to be interested in what ever you were saying and I don’t mean this in a bad way because it was actually easy, I drunk a little bite more than I usually do to lighten up my mood and not thinking about the things or your different facial expression that I could link to the fact that I am not the most beautiful girl, or feeling complex about the next sexy girl who entered the restaurant and reminded me that I am not the skinniest girl in the world and all you can give is a nonchalant “why not”. I am about to have my legs wide open for you and I am drunk enough to have the courage to invite you for the last coffee and all you can do is a “why not”. Mr. Sylvio or should I say Sir Sylvio, I have the most incredible underwear that would make any angel fall from the skies and for once I fell confident about myself and all I can here is a “why not” as if you had better things to do instead of you trying to kiss me. Those undies cost me $250. Sylvio mi amore, it took me a lot to accept to go out with you several times. I had to accept that you found me beautiful enough to invite me for real. I had to go through different steps to have the confidence that once we would talk, I would be interesting enough to hold a conversation that would not be boring to you and now after all these efforts, you are not jumping on the occasion to come up with more thrill. I am sure you can do better than “why not”. As a matter of fact, I think I deserve better than that”.


End the curse of the eldest sons

The archangel Uriel was looking at some families that had been on earth for two or three thousands years and wanted to see if they had made any progress in reaching the ultimate state of gratitude for life and everything that took place in their lives. He came upon one family based in Mbalmayo. The grand father named Richard had ten children. All of them had at least ten children each and nothing seemed to slow down Richard’s grand children from continuing the legacy of having lots of children as well.

Even though they were very proud of themselves, they were not able to understand why each of the family eldest usually started very strong in life and then all of the sudden would stop working hard or fighting to get more out of life. It usually took those eldest ten years after they started working to cut themselves from world of work. During these years they would give everything they had to succeed and they would reach what they had wanted and for whatever reason, the machine would no longer move forward.

When they were young, they were extremely ambitious and almost scared of the outside world. The moment they reached adulthood, they did what ever was necessary to achieve some of the things they wanted and what they family expected them to do. They quickly realized that it was pretty much easy and they had nothing to gain out of it. They kept on doing the same thing anyway until they could not continue. Something needed to change. Their ambition simply collapsed. They tried different things without putting their will into it. Their energy was not in getting those things anymore. They were not able to explain it or to fix that problem. The only thing they ended up doing was to go back and stay in their village. They were doing just the necessary to survive.



Following the different riots and manifestations that were taking place in this big country, few gentlemen got together and tried to plan something that would reduce the amount of violence and trouble that the population was giving to the authorities. They were brainstorming and they put together a series of ideas that they had already worked on or that were already implemented. They went through the list of things their ancestors had done so far and they concluded that they needed to go beyond that.

Indeed their fathers had increased their control on both the population mind by shifting all the meaning of the religions and of their physical body by isolating them, acquiring data about who they were and what they were doing at all times. Their fathers had actually realized that the army or the police had difficulty to force people to do what ever they wanted because of the way the families were organized.

The fact that there was only one head of the family for each family and that everybody was linked or dependent of him no matter how old his children were or how many children, his sons and daughters had, made it difficult to attack one family because they would all stand up against the police, the army or the justice department. It was increasing the difficulty the government had to impose its will on the people. If the head of the family did not agree with one of their decision, he could engage his entire family against the state and create lots of problems.


The Kiss

As Edwards was moving his head up from the book he was reading to look around him in the park Lafontaine, his eyes met them. They both were lying on this long white towel carefully placed on the grass. He was on his back and she was on her belly reading a book. He had a short and was top less and she had a white shirt up to her breast that was held by two spaghettis on her shoulders. He turned on the side she was and put one of his hands on her back. His hand was going up and down. He brought the hair that was on her chick behind her ears and he kissed her in the side of her neck. She looked at him with a smile.

She went back to her reading and his fingers went on touching her shoulders, her arms, her chick and her neck. She moved her head on his side and kissed him on his lips. She wanted to go back to her reading or at least she pretended to and he continued to kiss her on her chick. He brought his mouth on her neck and was now stopping her from reading her book. She kissed him on his head and her lips came to her mouth. After few kisses on the lips, she went on French kissing him.

Their lips were mingling and you could see their tongues moving in their mouth. She was softly abandoning herself into his mouth. As he was moving closer to her to hold her, she was letting herself taken. Her shyness caused her to put on her big sun glasses and she was able to surrender more to his mouth. She no longer cared about the people around them. She was completely in the kiss they were enjoying. They were getting closer. The man was more determinate to encircle her with his arms and the girl was moving slowly closer to allow herself to be totally taken into his arms.

It was as if nobody was around them. They were alone in park Lafontaine. Their bodies were adjusting to the French kiss they were falling into. Although she was still on her belly, one of her arm had made its way trough his armpits and with her hand was caressing his back while they were still kissing. At this point, his body was entirely touching hers. Her little and gentle movements toward him that gave the impression that she was hesitating almost being reluctant and forced to be closed to him had ceased to appear as her body seemed to perfectly and very comfortably follow the shape of his body.

They were not on top of each other but it was easy to imagine that the only thing that was holding them from doing that was the public eye. The restrain they imposed themselves forced them to bring back next to each other every little area of their bodies that did not touch one another. The kiss continued and they took a pause to breathe.

Were others ideas came to their mind? Was their house too far? Were they just enjoying the kiss without anything else? Were they excited by the people looking at them? Were they trying to make us envious or were they trying to show off? Were they conscious of how beautiful they looked? Could they imagine the numbers of ideas that came through our mind when we saw them? 

They looked as if they were feeding each other energy. They were one in that kiss. They were calm and devoted to each other. Every inch of separation that was between them was deleted, every tension that could have been inside them was now void and we were looking. It was for us to appreciate, to love and to support. They were kissing so voluptuously that we all had to take a moment and look at ourselves and wonder how it must be to be at their place. By doing so, we thanked life for being able to see it. They were French kissing. After looking at them, Edwards could not continue to read. He simply enjoyed the weather.


Summer is Coming

The day was both windy and sunny at park Lafontaine. It was the beginning of summer. Even though the day was hotter and sunnier than the previous one, the sun lights still had difficulties to make their ways into the park. Instead of the warmth and pleasant shade that we sometimes experience during summer in that park, this one had an “in between weather” making it cold when the wind was blowing. Rare were the people who would venture there. The shade under the trees had not yet given up enough space to the sun in mid day and it was forcing people to concentrate themselves around the same area in order to profit from the first summer lights.

The sun was warming the bodies without roasting them. As the bodies were being heated, a loud and strong wind that was neither too hot nor too cold but windy enough to give the shill, would come every time the heat was too strong to rebalance the temperature within the people lying on the grass.

One was reading a book that he held in his hands. One of his legs was lying straight on the grass and the other was folded in a way that the knee was lifted up and had only the foot on the grass. His upper body was curved because his head was resting on his bag.

The ones who had come with their bicycle were lying next to it. Few couples were trying to tan in their swim suite. Two or three groups of four or five people came with either their beers and snacks or wine and food. They were joking and enjoying the weather. Occasionally they went to play freesby or walking on a cable attached to two trees.

Given the instability of the weather, people wore different clothes. It went from jeans to summer pants, shorts, shirts with sleeves or without and even thin jacket or pull-over. Everybody had a different size and shape of the big black summer eye wear. 

When the wind was blowing, the leaves were moving and making noise while touching themselves and the wind was causing a yellow and sometimes grey triangle like shape surmounted by a grain at one of its summits to fall from the trees. Many of them were falling as the wind was passing through and only few when there was no wind.

Once again, the weather had changed and life had transformed itself completely. What we were in winter and spring would have to be abandoned to allow summer in us to take place. The transition should be easy. The so long anticipated summer is around the corner and everybody is going to take a nap in the park. Like the water in the artificial lake in park Lafontaine, everything is moving. Nothing is permanent. When we are jumping in summer, do we realize what has been accomplished? Do we see how our bodies are moving? What is happening within us? Now that the days are longer what are the consequences for us besides the festivals? What are we supposed to gain or to understand? Summer is here, let’s just enjoy it to its fullest extend. Our bodies need it; we need it in order to go through what had been placed on our path.


Sexually Abused

Sexually Abused Part 5 and final

Life went on and Abdel continued his studies and got slowly but surely accustomed to his new life. His mum even got two others babies with Omar. Abdel was within his family and without. He realized that he was a link between his mum old life and his mum new life. He was completely a part of this family but at the same time had nothing to do with them. He was in an awkward position. He loved his family and they loved him. They made everything for him to be happy and he did everything to be happy in that family and he was and they were happy as well that he was part of them. Nonetheless, he could not put a finger in what was going on inside him. He needed his father recognition. Omar had done everything to be a good father to him but beside his efforts and Abdel one, something was still missing.

Abdel did not complain to anybody but inside him, something was bowling. The feeling of being rejected was all over him. The abused that his mum felt, he inherited it. Even though he was trying to distinguish both of their lives, he had to realize that it was his presence in his mum belly that was the starting point of his rejection. His arrival caused so many traumas around the people who were involved that they all choose to reject his mum because of him. He was doubly abused. His mum was abused and he swallowed it and he was abused because he was rejected.


Sexually Abused Part 4

Sexually Abused Part 4

Khadija went through the pregnancy period smoothly. Omar was helping her and she was discovering how it feels to be supported. The rage she had in her added to the difficulties of being pregnant made her extremely irritable but Omar knew how to avoid confronting her directly. He had been accustomed to her mood swing often enough to know how to juggle around it. She had told him a little bite of her real story and to her surprise, he was more shocked by the behaviour of the master who kicked her out at such a young age than the fact that she was no longer a virgin when he met her.

Instead of seeing what everybody saw in her entourage and community when they imagined her being raped which is a prostitute, an animal, a degraded woman or devalued one and something that she should be ashamed of as she was by what had happened, he on the contrary saw her pain, her difficulty to be stable and to have a normal life, and the challenge she had to go through her life without loosing it. Even though she was driving him up the wall sometimes, since he had experienced during his childhood his mum and his older sisters pregnancy period, he was able to cope with the problem that occurred by doing what everybody did in his region.

He called his mum and his sisters to help him during that period as it is the case in that part of the world. Usually it is the pregnant woman mum who should have taken care of Khadija but since she could not because she was stocked working in the house she was living in, Omar asked his sisters and his mother to come to rescue them. They did it happily.


Sexually Abused Part 2

Sexually Abused Part 2

Khajida life was very busy. She had to raise her kid, make money to pay the rent, the school for her boy, the food, clothes and she was by herself. Although years had past and her situation was way better, she had not forgotten the pain she endured before getting kicked out of her previous job because she had been raped and got pregnant. She had not been able to get rid of that pain and she was not constant with her boy. The more he grew up, the more he looked like his father physically and the more he was a constant reminder of what had happened. She was still turned a part by the decision she took to keep the child with her instead of abandoning him like many others were doing. She had only herself to blame for this situation. The fact that she was unmarried was also the consequences of her own decisions.

She was doing her best to raise him adequately but sometimes she would yell at him more than necessary. She would be strict with him even though he had done nothing to deserve such a reaction from her. It was indeed her reality that she was confronted to that was making her react this way. She could not get married because of he was in her life. She was working hard and long hours to survive just because she had made the choice of keeping him with her. She felt like her decision kind of trapped her into something she was not prepared for. She had to deal with it alone. Sometimes she regretted her decision when some men would promise to marry her as an attempt to get in her bed because they knew they would never married somebody who had a child from somebody else and who did not recognize his kid. It could only mean that she was either raped or she did not respect herself and was sleeping with anybody. No men in his right mind could trust her. When something like would happen, she would be meaner to her boy. After few days, she would realize how her reaction was and would feel guilty and would do anything to adjust or to say that she was sorry.


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