The Intruder Part 2 and Final

The Intruder Part 2 and Final

Laura woke up the next morning in her mother’s arms and she felt good. She went through her day into what seemed to be regular day. She had fun just as she always had in school, she chatted with her parents as much as she usually did, she looked at the same tv shows as she had accustomed her parents to and she was smiling and laughing as much as she used to.

When came the time to sleep, nothing appeared unusual except to say that she asked to stay up more than her bed time to watch tv. Her parents told her that it was late and she insisted that she really wanted to watch tv. They gave her an additional half hour in front of tv and they brought her to bed. Before they kissed her good night, she asked them if they thought the insect will come during the night again. The father looked around and told her that he did not think it would but if she was to hear anything, she should not hesitate to call him. He added that he would come and check on her several times during the night. She asked him to verify if there was nothing below her bed which he did and confirmed that there was indeed nothing there. Realizing that Laura was troubled by the prior night events, her mother stayed with her to help her sleep by reading her a story.

Again in the middle of the night, Laura moved from the left to the right. The moment she did that, she remembered the night before terrifying events. She did not want to think about them. She did not want to be awake and revisit those scary thoughts she had. Instead of falling back asleep as she wanted, she was perfectly awake even though her eyes were closed. He body trembled as she thought that what if her parents did not have the eyes to see the sound? Maybe the sound was so powerful that it managed to be invisible in front of her parents. What if the sound had outsmarted them all?



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