The Intruder Part 1

The Intruder Part 1

At the dinner table that night, the four years old Laura and her parents ate as usual. Her parents listened to her stories and questions. They were encouraging, supporting or answering her questions. When they felt it necessary, they clarified or advised Laura on different points she made.  After eating, they all went to watch a movie. When Laura wanted to sleep, they brought her to bed and kissed her good night. Her parents turned of the light when they left the room. They did not close the door entirely. They left it half opened in order to hear Laura in case she would call them or needed something during the night. Feeling tired themselves, they decided to go to sleep as well.

It was a beautiful night. The moon was shinning in the skies. The moon light was passing by the windows that was in the corridor and entered in Laura’s room through the half opened door. Everybody was sleeping deeply. The house was completely silent and no noise could be heard in the streets. If somebody would have passed by the neighbourhood, he would have heard only the profound silence which was accompanying this incredible enlightened night.

Three hours of sleep later, Laura went from the right side of her bed to the left side. At this very moment, she was 3/4 sleeping and 1/4 conscious of what was going on around her. Instead of hearing the silence around, she heard as if something was pushing papers on the floor. The firsts few seconds she heard those noises, she did not pay attention to them. It is only when she kept on hearing them that it brought her attention on them and put her in a state of half asleep. The more she would force herself to remain asleep, the more she would just slowly wake up and the more the only thing she would hear was the noise of those papers moving. The more she tried to avoid questioning herself about it, the more she was intrigued by it and the more awake she was.



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