The lion and the mouse Part 2 and Final

The Lion and the Mouse part 2

The mouse yelled and begged the lion to spare his life. Lionel looked at Mielo and asked if he was hurting him. Mielo answered that he was more afraid than in pain. He explained that it was the first time he was in the presence of a lion. He thought that he was going to eat him. The lion dropped him down and said that he could not do such a thing after he allowed him to sleep in his house. The mouse quickly showed him the food he had brought for him. Lionel jumped on it and Mielo said that if he would need more, they would go outside and he would show him where He could find food.

As they were going out to get more food for the lion, Mielo explained to Lionel that he had in mind nothing else than to find his parents. The lion was very happy that the mouse proposed to help him locate his family. He told him that he was certain that his parents would thank him and give him anything he would want to show their gratitude. Mielo said that he did not need a lot. All he had satisfied him amply. He already got everything he wanted. The lion was a bite perplexed and said that surely there was something that he wanted and the mouse looked at him and simply replied with a beginning of a sad face: “a friend”. A silent moment erupted after Mielo revealed what he wanted.

Lionel was wondering how it was possible that someone so courageous and kind like Mielo did not have any friend and how come he had such a sad face when he was talking about having a friend. He was talking as if he had never really had a friend. With all the population of animals surrounding the forest, one had to literally hide himself to avoid having friends. Little Lionel told him that if that was all he wanted, he would be his friend but he wanted to give him something else.



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