The Intruder Part 2 and Final

The Intruder Part 2 and Final

Laura woke up the next morning in her mother’s arms and she felt good. She went through her day into what seemed to be regular day. She had fun just as she always had in school, she chatted with her parents as much as she usually did, she looked at the same tv shows as she had accustomed her parents to and she was smiling and laughing as much as she used to.

When came the time to sleep, nothing appeared unusual except to say that she asked to stay up more than her bed time to watch tv. Her parents told her that it was late and she insisted that she really wanted to watch tv. They gave her an additional half hour in front of tv and they brought her to bed. Before they kissed her good night, she asked them if they thought the insect will come during the night again. The father looked around and told her that he did not think it would but if she was to hear anything, she should not hesitate to call him. He added that he would come and check on her several times during the night. She asked him to verify if there was nothing below her bed which he did and confirmed that there was indeed nothing there. Realizing that Laura was troubled by the prior night events, her mother stayed with her to help her sleep by reading her a story.

Again in the middle of the night, Laura moved from the left to the right. The moment she did that, she remembered the night before terrifying events. She did not want to think about them. She did not want to be awake and revisit those scary thoughts she had. Instead of falling back asleep as she wanted, she was perfectly awake even though her eyes were closed. He body trembled as she thought that what if her parents did not have the eyes to see the sound? Maybe the sound was so powerful that it managed to be invisible in front of her parents. What if the sound had outsmarted them all?



The Intruder Part 1

The Intruder Part 1

At the dinner table that night, the four years old Laura and her parents ate as usual. Her parents listened to her stories and questions. They were encouraging, supporting or answering her questions. When they felt it necessary, they clarified or advised Laura on different points she made.  After eating, they all went to watch a movie. When Laura wanted to sleep, they brought her to bed and kissed her good night. Her parents turned of the light when they left the room. They did not close the door entirely. They left it half opened in order to hear Laura in case she would call them or needed something during the night. Feeling tired themselves, they decided to go to sleep as well.

It was a beautiful night. The moon was shinning in the skies. The moon light was passing by the windows that was in the corridor and entered in Laura’s room through the half opened door. Everybody was sleeping deeply. The house was completely silent and no noise could be heard in the streets. If somebody would have passed by the neighbourhood, he would have heard only the profound silence which was accompanying this incredible enlightened night.

Three hours of sleep later, Laura went from the right side of her bed to the left side. At this very moment, she was 3/4 sleeping and 1/4 conscious of what was going on around her. Instead of hearing the silence around, she heard as if something was pushing papers on the floor. The firsts few seconds she heard those noises, she did not pay attention to them. It is only when she kept on hearing them that it brought her attention on them and put her in a state of half asleep. The more she would force herself to remain asleep, the more she would just slowly wake up and the more the only thing she would hear was the noise of those papers moving. The more she tried to avoid questioning herself about it, the more she was intrigued by it and the more awake she was.


Killings Part 6 and Final

Killings Part 6 and Final

When Nathalie arrived in her new life, she had the time to think about what had happened to her and she realized few things. The fear of loosing her parents took over her body and never left her. The moment she decided to bring in her room her father’s gun, she switched who she was. On that day, the decision was made that she was going to be somebody else other than the little girl she used to be. The change occurred at such a young age. She did not know that once the door was opened to this new person, once she would enter in her body, she would stick to it. She would clam everything and rule every other aspect of who she was.

Allowing the beast to enter in her without knowing the rules of its behaviour, without knowing who she really was, gave free way to the beast to do whatever it really wanted to. Since the little girl in Nathalie could not really accept the killings she was doing, every time she was committing a murder, to take off her eyes of the atrocities she did, she was having sex. Instead of seeing the killings, she was seeing the sexual pleasure.

With time, the dose of sexual pleasures needed to cover up the crimes grew. Nothing could have been done to stop it. Mark’s role was to give her a clear conscience. Before Marc left “La Belle Province”, she was only doing all these fantasies with him. It gave her a sense of normalcy. If he was with her, she was not really somebody who was deranged. The beast was not as strongly installed in him as it was in her. He satisfied his own vicious sexual desires with her and he could no longer sustain the effort she demanded. He needed more from her, from their relationship and from life. There was no way this logic could continue for him.


Killings Part 5

Killings Part 5

Nathalie gathered one of her most trusted men and women for the battle she was going to engage against one of the most influential and powerful men in the city. She went to ask different small crime organizations which used to be related to Alberto to join her. Some said yes others said no and others decided to watch and observe before taking any camp in order to go with the winning side.

It was as if the whole city had taken side. The police loyalty was going to Alberto but some were saying that they knew Dominaptra very well. She could easily win this by a surprise coup. They reminded everyone that she killed twenty people to defend herself without any help. Even the police was afraid to engage itself completely for Alberto. Nathalie managed to get from the secret services that they would not interfere in their battle. All they wanted was a leader of the crime who would be able to move things the way they wanted and apparently at the present time with the war in preparation, Alberto did not seem to control his troops.

Nathalie launched her attack on a Sunday at the doorstep of the church. The captain of the Alberto cartel was coming out of the church with his mum and he was hit by her directly and she left a note saying that she was going straight for the head of the group. The message was clear and Alberto understood it very well. He sent his men to kill all the little organizations which had joined Nathalie. She countered attack by going after three big bosses who were helping Alberto. She killed them all.


Killings Part 4

Killings Part 4

Marc indeed took off for this remote and secret location where no one could find him. He disappeared from “La Belle Province”. When she came back from her business, she looked for him everywhere. Alberto and her sent their team to look for him but he was no where to be found. He had vanished. He had managed to erase every trace that would lead them to him. There was no record left behind that was able to connect him with his new life. He was gone for good. After a year of investigation where the police, the state agencies due to his contacts, the people in the streets, his own men he puts in charge to follow any lead that would direct them to Marc were unable to succeed, he slowly reduced the pressure to find him. The police and state agencies stopped looking for him. Since the people in the streets could not have any clue of where he was, they stopped being interested in the reward that was promised if anyone would have information about him. He reassigned the men he had allocated to this task to others duties.

What scared Nathalie and Alberto was that somebody might have killed him. If that was the case, it was a clear declaration of war against them. They needed to find the person who did it. If that person was able to do that to Marc, it would not be long before he would attack Alfredo and Nathalie. But later on, they came to the conclusion that nobody would have dared to kill him. He probably had left on its own.

Alberto did not want his men or anybody in the streets to believe that anybody could do that to him and he decided to organize something that would cool down the news. He did not want his men to think that they could leave him and get away with it. He did not want people to even suggest that someone killed Marc and no one was able to find the assassin.


Killings Part 3

Killings part 3

It was not that Marc did not like Nathalie anymore. He had observed her behaviour and was worry about her sanity. It was not that she was not normal but she was just somebody else around violence. Sex, violence and orgasm were linked together in a strange way. The drug environment suited her perfectly. She could let go of her imagination and fantasies. Although Marc was doing the killings as well, he did not have the joy of it. He did not have any pleasure or hatred for it. The circumstances brought him there and he happened to be good at it and his partner was excellent and the group they joined had lots of ambitions and were winners. He was at the right place at the right time.

After working there for couple of months, they earn a great reputation. Everybody feared Dominaptra and her partner the Protector. Alberto took them for all the special operations he had. He knew that with them on his side, nothing would stop him. He had the perfect ally in that couple for every dangerous operation he wanted to launch. Their responsibilities grew and they both had lots of money. Marc was discreet and Nathalie was flamboyant.

Marc had allowed himself to be part of the Nathalie’s fantasies. He took great pleasure and joy in participating in all the role plays she was coming up with. He was always amazed how good he felt after making love with her in all those situations. With time, contrary to Nathalie, every time Marc was having sex with Nathalie, the desire to follow the road of those fantasies was lesser. He was doing it but with less passion. Nathalie on the other hand, the more she was putting in place those fantasies, the more she wanted to realize others. She was complaining about the lack of enthusiasm he had about their sexual life. He did not want to loose her therefore he kept on doing what she wanted. With her, he had made love more than he had ever dreamt of and in situations and positions he had never imagined he was able to perform. He enjoyed being pushed to its limits.


Killings Part 2

Killings Part 2

Few hours after they left the bloody site, the group that has sent five men to do the dirty work sent other men to see what has happened to them since they were not coming back to report about the job they had to do. They asked few questions around the house but nobody was able to give them answers that would satisfy them. When the police came, they did an investigation only to find that they could not identify who were the people responsible of the killings. They noted though that the daughter’s parents went missing that day as well as one adolescent who lived in the neighbourhood.

Nathalie and Marc left their province because they would have been caught and they would have eventually had to answer for the crime they committed either to the police or to the organized crime that has sent those men to kill them. They went in the province called “La Belle Province”. With the little money Nathalie took before leaving her house, they rented an apartment.

Nathalie wanted to sleep with Marc all the times. He was following her demands even though it became more and more weird. She was often asking to be slapped, to be yelled at, to be insulted and to be beaten when they were sleeping together. Although Marc was a bite suspicious about this behaviour because he had never seen her like that, he enjoyed the show and the role play. He was experiencing something that was not given to everybody. He had the chance to live it and he felt that he was lucky.


Killings Part 1

Nathalie was playing football in the streets with her friend Marc when she saw a car stopping next to her house. Five men dressed in black stepped out and went straight in her home. As she was looking at them knocking on her door house, Marc threw the ball at her and she almost missed it. Marc insisted that she should concentrate on the ball and she told him to focus on his pitch if he wanted her to catch the ball. Marc just moved his head and rolled his eyes in a desperate way as if she was a lost case and there was nothing he could do or even wanted to try to do. They continued to play.

Few minutes later, Nathalie heard her mum yelling and Marc looked at her and asked if it was her mum that he heard. Nathalie worried face who was trying to guess what was happening and what she should do answered: “yeah”. She was hesitant about her next move. Was she supposed to go in or not? Marc asked her if she thought the men who went in her house were making her mum yelled that much. She told him that they came a week ago in their house while she was in her room. She heard them saying that if my parents were not going to give them back the money they borrowed from them, they would killed them the next time they come back. She had a trembling voice and a shaking body which legs were moving but stayed at the same place as if she could not advance.


To live of the fruits of her talent

Johanna and Angelina were two best friends. They had known each other for the last three years and have shared and exchanged their experiences. They both were on the same path but had different objectives. Johanna wanted to be a super star known by everybody and Angelina wanted to be known in her field and to live of the fruits of the gift life gave her.

Angelina was very good with her hands. She could make accessories, jewellery, and pottery like others drink water. Whatever design people would bring her, she was always able to make it. Her creations were to die for. Unfortunately, her talents were not recognized yet except by her close friends and family. She had not yet managed to expose her products in different stores or show room. Even the web site she had designed, did not receive lots of visits and clients. Her talents had not found yet its public or the media through which it would meet its aficionados.

Johanna was more of a people person. She was admired and loved by everybody. Her talent was more to deal with people. She was able to make people feel comfortable and happy easily. They always felt very good around her. She could persuade anyone to do what she wanted. She had the ability to convince who ever was around her if it happened to be necessary. Many people wanted to see her or invite her. Johanna did not know what she wanted to do with herself.

When they met, both of them knew they had talent but none of them knew how to exploit it. So along their way, they supported each other and were trying things together. Johanna kept on meeting people until finally she was on a project that put her under the spot lights as she had always dreamt of. She invested herself completely and started to be recognized and she felt good about it. Money started to come in.


The lion and the mouse Part 2 and Final

The Lion and the Mouse part 2

The mouse yelled and begged the lion to spare his life. Lionel looked at Mielo and asked if he was hurting him. Mielo answered that he was more afraid than in pain. He explained that it was the first time he was in the presence of a lion. He thought that he was going to eat him. The lion dropped him down and said that he could not do such a thing after he allowed him to sleep in his house. The mouse quickly showed him the food he had brought for him. Lionel jumped on it and Mielo said that if he would need more, they would go outside and he would show him where He could find food.

As they were going out to get more food for the lion, Mielo explained to Lionel that he had in mind nothing else than to find his parents. The lion was very happy that the mouse proposed to help him locate his family. He told him that he was certain that his parents would thank him and give him anything he would want to show their gratitude. Mielo said that he did not need a lot. All he had satisfied him amply. He already got everything he wanted. The lion was a bite perplexed and said that surely there was something that he wanted and the mouse looked at him and simply replied with a beginning of a sad face: “a friend”. A silent moment erupted after Mielo revealed what he wanted.

Lionel was wondering how it was possible that someone so courageous and kind like Mielo did not have any friend and how come he had such a sad face when he was talking about having a friend. He was talking as if he had never really had a friend. With all the population of animals surrounding the forest, one had to literally hide himself to avoid having friends. Little Lionel told him that if that was all he wanted, he would be his friend but he wanted to give him something else.


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