Tears for Others

An absolute beautiful black woman with mysterious green eyes and long dark hair had spent more than one decade of her life looking for her inner self. Her name was Lilliane. She had mastered different levels of consciousness and was well established in the community of people who wanted to evolve in that domain. Her reputation gave her the statute of “helper” which meant that she was able to support and train people who wanted to follow the path of self discovery. Of the people she had followed many had made tremendous progress, others felt way better than before and they all had her to thank for their improved well being.

She was living around masters like her and their live were extremely pure. There was no false note and everything was clean. This environment made them all happy because they were together and they lived the life they wanted. When one of them came across people who were not like them and was not aware of his words or actions, they were very much uncomfortable around them. During their session of healing or support, people were very careful with the way they talked. Therefore, they were rarely in contact with they way people react in their daily life. So, as soon as they saw somebody cursing, bitching and taking actions that were rough against their peers or colleagues, they were at least disgusted or at worst resentful of those. The moment they witnessed that, they did whatever they had to do with those people as quickly as they could and they went back in their community. They shared their experiences of the outside world and they expressed their irritation about the lack of knowledge the behaviour of those people were the reflection of. They congratulated themselves for being in the community they were in even though it was an invisible one. They told to each other that they could no longer support the cynicism and lies of the daily life of people who were not initiated to self discovery.



Ishowa, Mountain of Choices Part 2

Ishowa, Mountain of Choices part 2

Michael had to wonder how bad he wanted to reach the place he saw on the books he read. Was it worth it to leave everything he had to come to this point and study some more? He knew that in spite of all the efforts he put on his trip, there was always a possibility that he would never reach it? Maybe those places described in the books, were just a good way to sell books and he was trap into it.

He thought that he had already sacrificed so much that he could not stop it anyway. He would look bad. After further thinking, he realized that he could still stop it right away. Everybody would have understood. They might mock him and said: “we told you so” but he could survive that. It was not so bad and many people had abandoned before him. The biggest problem would be in his head. How would he view himself after stopping so closed to the finished line? He owned to himself to go beyond Ishowa. He needed to know. He had come this far and had left so many things along the way that it was almost unfair to himself to have sacrifice so much and not even try to finish.

It was the only thing that excited him. Following this path had the ability to give him the adventure he would have never imagine being a part of. The fears he had to overcome were so big that every time he managed to do it, there was an extraordinary feeling of love for himself and his own accomplishment. Since he started, he was always confronted to his fear and he had to face them. He felt alive and privileged to live like this.


Ishowa, Mountain of Choices

He was running with his bag on the back and was looking around himself as if he was either checking if somebody was observing him or trying to find something he could recognize. He was not running away from something or somebody, he was running to reach somewhere. It seems as if he did not know the directions. He was sweating but was not tired. Although people could clearly tell in his eyes that the direction was not clear, they saw as well that he was not about to stop his run.

While he was passing by the villages, people looked at him and were concerned. They did not understand why he was running, what exactly was he running for and where was he going. People came out to witness his passage but they stayed at their doorsteps. Children were the only ones who were following him a bite and their parents were telling them to come back in their house.

After passing through the villages, he continued his run inside the forest. He passed by waterfalls, huge rocks, high trees, mosquitoes and others animals until he arrived on top of the mountain called Ishowa. It was the highest mountain around. Michael, our runner was tired. The run had exhausted his energy. He was breathing out loud. He was sweating a lot. He felt a bite dizzy at first like everybody who ran a lot and stopped right away. They feel like their body is even more tired when they stop running. As if it would have been easier to continue to run than to stop. His body was curved as he was searching for air to breathe and it needed a little adjustment before it cool down.

While his body was recuperating and he was going back to a straight position, he saw the many different ways laid in front him. Each of them would take him only in one direction. He would not be able to zigzag along the way. Should he pick one way then he would have to continue till the end of that one before trying another.


Between Death and Rebirth

A human being named Christian was granted a chance by God’s Angel to witness what was happening between the moment we died and the moment we received another life. In order to find his life’s purpose, he needed to examine every aspect of the different time period of the human life. He was surprise to see that it was as populated or even more populated than here. Souls were dying to comeback or to say something to the livings but they were unable to listen.

Parents were trying to send messages to their children from that world to this one but children could not understand because they did not know that it existed. They were seeing their children mistakes and they felt responsible or they just wanted to help them to ease the pain their lives were giving them. They were yelling as loud as they could to make themselves heard but there was nothing they could do. They were no longer from this world. They only thing they could do was to wait that a woman gets pregnant in their family and to ask permission to be the soul that would be inserted in the baby that was about to come out. They had to wait a long time because they did not have priority over the people who came before them. They had to wait their turn. There was a rush to come and help but when they came in, it was so difficult to live up to what they came here for because the circumstances were extremely heavy.


An angel flying

An angel was introduced to an assignment on earth. Before he agreed to take on the job, he decided to do a little tour on earth to see for himself how it was. As he was flying around the earth, he witnessed others angels on assignment as well. They were there to pour in love on earth. They were all dedicated to their mission. All of them were doing what each of their soul had planned for them to do. They all had a series of possible outcome for their life listed in front of them prior to their arrival on earth. Therefore what was happening in their life was the results of their choices not only before they arrived on earth and above all after they were born. They were dealing with the consequences of their choices.

They were supposed to infuse love in the life they chose within the difficulties that the earth sometimes offers to the one who decides to love. The sufferance those angels were in hurt them so much that, they often preferred to pretend that they do not see love. They blinded themselves to avoid sufferance. Who could possibly blame them?

The atrocities they went through were so high that it was only natural that they closed their heart to love. They protected themselves to avoid pain. They forgot that feeling pain was the only way to get out of the pain. They locked themselves in the jail that was supposed to protect them from the pain that the lack of love provides. Unfortunately, the jail not only kept them away few troubles and attracts others but most of all, it was actually distancing themselves from the love they so desperately needed in that jail.

Building their defence against the world was originally for maintaining the left over love they still had for themselves. They already felt so little after the many punches they received from life that they did not want to go lower than that. They created those blocks around them and they allowed a small quantity of love to enter when they had the courage to do it. They complained after for being lonely, unloved, rejected, undeserving of being happy and having an unfair life. But how could they receive love if everywhere they went, they surrounded themselves with huge walls that did not allow anything to enter. They look at the world through the one or two small windows they made on their walls.

The pain they endured is so big that they no longer take any risk. They spent more time protecting themselves than to love themselves. They invest lots of their time in protecting themselves than being themselves. Once the protection is strong, they complain about the lack of love. They finally realized that once they were protected, they did not have the most important thing which is love. They no longer know how to get it.

After they saw that, it becomes a choice between protecting themselves and loving themselves. The experience they had with loving themselves was so hurtful that immediately, they choose to protect themselves automatically.

The angels numbered 6 billions angels on earth. All of them lost their wings. They are so scared. They lived a life that was at a lower level of the lower level. Even angels who are way advanced than him were trapped in the difficulties of the earth. They looked like they would not get out. What could make him think that he would be able to do it when so many were struggling so much?

At the end of the day he saw that it was the need of love that was expressed through fear, pain, war, genocides, hatred, love, mockery, arrogance, rape, everything. After careful observation, he decided to accept the assignment he had on earth. He choose to come also to give love.

Raymond the Beloved Part 3 and final

Raymond the Beloved Part 3 and final

Raymond grew up comfortably in his family. They looked at him as a normal kid. They were so used to his face that they no longer saw it as something different. It was his face and nothing else. The things that would remind them that he was not like the others were the attacks that some kids in the neighbourhood or in school would do.

At the beginning, he was hurt and he used to answer back or start a fight. His brothers and sisters used to defend him by either fight back or insult the one attacking. Due to his singularity, his family built a togetherness feeling around Raymond that allow them to be closed all the time. They would defend Raymond as Raymond would defend them.

Over the years, Lucie who had four others children after Raymond and three before him realized that the togetherness was good but it needed to be relaxed. If it was necessary when Raymond was still a child and when she had just delivered him, the time had came to adjust the family behaviour. They could not all lived around Raymond because there would be a time when all of them would have to live separately.

Beside Raymond was fighting back everybody who would attack him and he did not stop himself from doing the stuff he liked. He had some friends and they were actually calling him to play with him. He was a regular kid. Lucie talked about it to her husband. She said that her kids were too much engaged in fights at schools or in the neighbourhood. Even thought she understood why it was happening, the time had come to try something different.


Raymond the Beloved Part 2

Raymond the Beloved Part 2

When the parents arrived home, the children had cleaned up the whole house to welcome the new born baby. They were all excited about the new arrival. The parents knocked on the door and everybody rushed at the door. You could hear that the children were saying that they are here. Let’s go see the new baby.

After knocking on the doors, the father opened the doors to Lucie. All the children were already at the doors and he asked them if they were alright as if he was trying to postpone or slow down their enthusiasm to see the baby. He asked them not to shake their mum or the baby too much because they were both very tired. They all stopped and waited that their mum entered their house.

Lucie was holding Raymond in her hands when she stepped in the house. She was just like a mother who had just given birth. She was relieved to take back her body, she was both thin compare to the pregnancy period and had put on weight compare to the size she usually had. You could see in her eyes that she was anxious about the reaction of her children. She was trying to have a regular face that was happy, proud and she did not want to act as if things were not normal.

Raymond was wrapped up with 2 baby covers one blue and the other white. He was dressed with one blue piece baby clothe with little yellow polar bear and he was sleeping.

The children asked their parents if they could see the baby. The father said that they should let their mum seat on the couch in order for them to see the baby. The mum sat and everybody saw the baby and the two boys asked what was wrong with him. Why his face was not normal. What was wrong with him? They both asked. The girl just looked at him as if she was discovering. She was more intrigue than fearful as the boys were. She wanted to touch it and see if he would react.


Beloved Raymond Part 1

Raymond was born in a family of five brothers and 3 sisters. He was the fourth child after 2 brothers and 1 sister. When Lucie his mum went to the hospital, she was sure that everything would go as perfectly as it went with her others children. The father named Charles took her there was also in a good mood and as happy as one can be when a fourth child is coming to life.

The delivery day arrived and Lucie gave birth to Raymond without any difficulty. When the doctor saw the child, he was speechless. He looked at the kid who was crying and his surprise was visible on his face. The father saw that and asked if everything was alright. He looked at the father and many thoughts were coming in his mind: “Will the father be able to handle this baby? How the mum will react, what is he supposed to tell them to reassure them? Is he supposed to do something?” He wished he had not been the doctor that day.

He figured out that the best protection he had against whatever that could happen when they will see their child would be to remain the doctor who thought that there was nothing wrong about this situation. He would be able to manoeuvre his way out by saying that they would need to do a couple of tests and analyses in order to know what is really going on with the child. His face became normal even thought his body shown signs of stress. He brought the baby to the father.


The left over water

After walking for three hours with his son, his wife and the six children of his two brothers who died few hours earlier because they did not have water, Nano decided to stop for few minutes after his wife named Sandy suggested him to do so. He looked at all the people he was in charge of and did not know if he would be able to find an oasis before everyone died. The desert was all around. The wind had brought the sand on everybody’s faces. No one could recognize them. Originally Nano was black and Sandy was Mongolian type. Their son and the others children were all mixed. None of them had their original colors. The sun had burnt them completely. Their skin faces were peeling off. While their skin was been removed, blood was coming out but immediately it became dry due to the intensity of the sun.

They were all tired of walking south. They thought that they would have found people who would have been able to tell them whether or not they were going in the right direction but there was nobody except dry bodies of dead people on their way. They were no longer scared of seeing dead bodies. They have seen so many of them in the past few months on their way that another one was no surprise. There was no shade to stop.

Nano was scared that with the wind as it was, if the children stop to rest, they will sleep and then be covered by sand. Since all of them were tired, they would sleep, would not wake up and maybe cease the opportunity to abandon any effort to survive and slowly died pretending that they did not see it coming.

Although what he thought might have been a possibility, Sandy told him that they all needed to rest. She insisted on telling him that his resolve to get them out of troubles should not close his eyes to what was necessary at this moment. They all needed a break. They would not make it if they continued like this.


Submission to love

When the group of 15 travelers arrived at the waterfalls around 10:00 am, they all looked at each others and jumped in the water. The water was good, the sun was vibrant and the weather was very hot. They swam for approximately an hour and half. After the fun they had, they all went in meditative state. They were all sat in lotus position and in circle.

Moment after they started their meditation, the sun became more and more shining just within the circle they had made. Everywhere around, it became dark as if it was the time of sunset. The more the sun was lightening their circle, the more it was dark around them. The surroundings villagers looked at the scene and were amazed and scared. They all thought it was an act of evil or sorcery. They saw the people in meditative state as agents of devil. Even though they were scared, it did not stop their curiosity. They kept on looking at what was going on.

Our 15 travelers did not move. They stood still. It seems as if the world outside of their circle did not exist. None of them had their eyes opened. The villagers could not tell whether they realized what was going on or not. They seemed focus and perfectly in control.

It was at 12:00 that the phenomenon got even stranger. One of the travelers named Lucas who was still in meditative lotus position just rose in the middle of the circle in the same position. In the middle, he kept on going up until he was high enough to be seen by everyone who was in the villages’ surrounding the waterfalls. At the very moment he rose in the middle of the circle, there was the call for the Islamic prayer the Imam made at the Mosque and the Church bell was ringing as well.


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