The power to love

The power to love

Among the multiple powers that humans have, is the power to love. I am not talking about the power of love which is very close to the one I am going to talk about but I want to insist on the fact that I am talking about the power to love.

Unfortunately, love is underrated by human kind and they are suffering because of it. Nobody told them really the effect of love. Nobody sat with them and really took the time to explain how and what were the mechanism of love and how to use it at its highest level. They never really saw the actual benefit of love on their every day life.

This is why, it is important to remind humans that they have the power to love. The greatest strength any human being would ever have is the power to love himself. Many humans do not know the extend to which this is true. If they knew that by constantly choosing to love themselves they would the happiest people and that nothing would affect them, they would all look for a way to find out about how it works and how to implement it.

Unfortunately, they are way to accustom to see and witness cynicism and hatred triumphed over an often misunderstood notion of love and a misused of love. Consequently, they do not trust love. It even gets worst because the people who taught them about love understood very little about it when they did not know anything about it. In this case as in everything, those who speak the most about it have absolutely no clue about it and those who know usually stay quit and observe the games and interactions humans have thinking that they are practicing love.

So, here is the big secret: by choosing to love everything that we are under any circumstance, we use efficiently our power to love. Love of our circumstances, love of our life, love of every action that we took in the past, love of the reactions we had, love of our action in the world, love of the difficult situations we are in, etc. We have the power to love, let’s use it all the time. It is out there and abundantly available for everyone. There is no shortage of love. There is no need to save or keep it in a bank. It is available for everyone to use.


Gratitude is the right place to be

Happiness it to enjoy what we are

Abandon the fight against your life. Abandon the fight against what life offers you.  Abandon the fight against your path. Abandon all resistances against yourself.

Allow life to nourish you. Allow your life to nourish you. Life does not have an issue with you. You have issues about your life and life in general.

The lack of understanding of our life is putting ourselves against our life, against what is planned for us and against enjoying what we have. Most of our time is spent to have more of what we have or to fight against what we are.

We rarely see the things that come our way as something that has been given to us and that we need to enjoy. Instead of enjoying, we spend our time securing what we have. Security calls for danger. Security goes along well with danger. Security needs danger to exist. Danger needs fear and fear needs security.

Happiness is to love what we are. Once we understood how to enjoy what we are, loving our place will come easily. Once we love our place, we enjoy what is given to us. Abandonment is to be able to accept our place and enjoy it. 

The moment we find who we are and what we are, we are able to love what we do because it comes naturally, easily, simply and without effort. Indeed, at this point, what moves us is an invisible hand. Abandonment is to accept that this invisible hand moves us. We are at our place when we can accept and rely entirely on that hand.

Fighting that hand is to fight our true place in order to establish something that we would have supposedly implemented solely by our will. We refuse to say thank you because we have been disappointed. We want to prove to life that we know better and that we can do better without it. Unfortunately for our little self and luckily for our higher self, we are life. We breathe life and we live through life. We need to realize that we are life and it has been offered to us to serve life. Our place is the one of gratitude for the opportunity to serve life the way life wish to be served. Gratitude is the right place to be because what we are is only given to us temporarily. Prior to our arrival here, we ceased the opportunity to serve and when we arrived, we were diverted away from that goal. We need to comeback because we would not want to miss an opportunity to serve.

The loved ones

The loved ones

When we care for someone or when we love someone, we never really see the full length of his or her importance in our life. Unfortunately, even if we care very much about the person and we show as much love as we can, we will never be able to see fully how the person we are with is supporting us in our life. No matter how much we think we love the person and how much we give love to that person, we will not be able to understand the impact of the loved ones. We can not appreciate how adequate they are for us even if we put lot of effort into it and if we do put the effort into it, we will miss the most important thing which is to love the person. We can only have glimpse of their impact in our life because there is what we see and what we can not see yet. The way they move our moral and our being in so many directions is unknown to us in the moment.

It seems as if our eyes are not able to grasp the entire view of their impact in our life. Everything moves in such a way that we are not able to see the different layers and the way they have shaped and influence our lives. There are always many aspects of their presence that we would not completely integrate in our life when they are with us.

The only thing we can do is to try to see how we are when they are around us and see how it is making us feel and be grateful for their presence. Their absences usually make us realize how deep the interactions we lived were crucial and beneficial to us. So whenever we are with someone that we love and care for, we should always do the things we want to do with them because whatever it is that we think about them, we are surely underestimating it.

Thank God for the lack of love

Real love is the result of the knowledge of what love is not. True love emerges from the discovery of what the lack of love is.  The absence of love triggers the search of love and is a great motivation to reach the absolute state of love.

Love is a path that we need to take in order to be ourselves. It is only by going through the dissolution of the fear that stands between what we think we ought to be and what we truly are that we can reach a state of genuine and true love for ourselves.

Our mission consists of discovering the path of love we drew for ourselves before we entered our bodies and to be able to undertake it no matter what are the circumstances.

To love ourselves is to find that path and to allow ourselves to be moved by that path. Only an incredible desire to find true love can lead us toward that goal and thank God, we have the lack of love to motivate us to reach that goal.

Earth, water, air and fire unleashed

Earth, water, air and fire unleashed

Well, it would not be a surprise if I said that these first 5 months were a clear reminder of the capacity that the earth had to move in different ways that could affect our life in the most dramatic fashion. All the elements have reminded us that if they were unleashed, we would suffer the consequences. By elements, I mean the earth, air, water and fire.

As we speak, the fire is manifesting itself in front of our eyes. Indeed, the volcano in Iceland is preventing many travelers to move either within Europe or from Europe to US and the rest of the world and according to many scientists, there is another volcano in Iceland that is threatening to erupt and could have even more damaging consequences for any flight in Europe and US.

The earth has spoken as well since the beginning of the year and in the most tragic ways by making the earth shakes by several earthquakes around the world. We had of course the major one in terms of victims in Haiti, the biggest one in terms of magnitude in Chile, there was one in Mexico, in California, 2 or three in China in March, April and May, there was 1 or 2 in Indonesia just to name a few. Twenty houses were swallowed by the earth the last two weeks in China and the same thing happened with one house just outside of Montreal. They called it landslides. There was one major landslide in Brazil that killed 200 people last month.

Water also created damages with the numerous floods in Europe, and US. The air with twisters in the United States and perhaps the most impressive manifestation of air troubling the life of citizens was in China with the sand coming into major cities and blocking the traffic and creating invisibility throughout the cities it entered.

Many would argue that these things are nothing new. Earthquakes exist all the time and now people are aware of it just because it happened into populated cities. Those earthquakes usually take place in the sea and have no consequences for humans therefore they are not even aware of it. But now that it happens where humans are affected, they panicked. The scientists who are sent on the media to give us that explanation are making me laugh because this is the weirdest explanation that they could have come up with. If their goal was to reassure us, they probably did for some of us. But for those who take the time to think a little bite, they can not take that explanation and be satisfied with it.

I know! You would tell me that because I think I am superior to others, I want the government to give me a different explanation. One that would suite not even my intellect but that would satisfy my ego and you could continue by saying that the government does not have to give a better explanation just because I need one, it has to give the explanation whether it satisfy me or not. I agree with that argument 100%. I am sure the government reached its goal with some of us with the explanation that it gave but when we think about it, there is absolutely nothing reassuring about it. How come those earthquakes are happening in the cities now? Why were they not happening in our cities before? How come we have so many earthquakes in such a small period of time everywhere in the word? They have shown us movements of plaques and gave us some explanations but when those earthquakes are taking place in the American continent, then in China and Indonesia etc, we need to wonder a little bite more than we do now. Who is able to give any explanation about that?


The aftermath

The aftermath

He woke up and found himself in the streets and called his mum: “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” but no one answered. He had sands on his face and the place he woke up did not look like anything he knew. Everything was destroyed. The houses were completely broken. He tried to stand up but his head was turning and he fell back on the floor. He called again: “mummy! Mummy! Where are you?” again no one answered. The five year old boy who was on the floor tried to lick his lips because they were dry but when he did that, dust entered his mouth. He started coughing and pushed it away from his mouth and gave a look at his hands to know what exactly was on his face. As he realized it, he got scared and pushed it with more vigour and it entered in his eyes. He started yelling because he could not see and it was hurting him. He yelled again only this time, it was louder: “mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Where are you?” Since nobody was coming and his eyes were itching, tears came out and took the sands and dust off his eyes. He looked around to see if he could recognize anyone but there was no one except houses that were completely destroyed.

He heard a woman who was crying but he was not able to locate where it came from. He tried to stand up again but even his head was turning, he managed to stay up then he followed with difficulty the sound of the voice. It led him to a house that collapsed on the floor. The voice appeared to come from below the ground. He looked below to see if he could see the woman whose voice he was hearing but it was dark. He looked around him and it suddenly hit him that the night had begun to fall and that he was alone in the street that resembled remotely to the streets where his house used to be. Only now, everything was broken. He seemed to recognize the voice that was crying or he just needed it in order to reassure himself that he was not alone in this situation. He said: “Aunt Lucie! Is that you?” She did not answer. She kept on crying. He asked her: “Aunt Lucie! Do you know where is mum? Do you know where mum is? Aunt Lucie. But Aunt Lucie voice was disappearing more and more. He yelled louder and louder as her voice was slowly vanishing: “Aunt Lucie! Aunt Lucie! Aunt Lucie! Why don’t you answer?” And since he stopped hearing her voice, tears came in his eyes and he yelled again: “Mummy! Where are you? Why did you leave me alone?”

The night was becoming darker and darker and he was frightened. He saw dogs running and he got scared because he thought that they were coming after him but they were actually running in fear. They looked like they were even more scared than he was. Behind the dogs, he saw 3 men who running with a body in their hands with blood and he asked them: “Sorry to disturb you, have you seen my mum? Where is mum?” They looked at him and they did not know what to tell him. They obviously saw that he was scared but they were in a rush to go at the hospital. One of them said: “I am sorry kid! I don’t know. Look around!” And they continued their way. He followed them because he did not want to stay alone in that street and it reassured him to see a human life. The men were holding what looked like a woman who was their mum. She appeared to be alive but in great danger. Her arm was broken, blood was all over her face and they were telling her to hold on to life because they were running to the hospital. One of them was saying if you see a cab, pay whatever it is that he asked in order for us to reach the hospital as quickly as possible.


Do you open or do you close your eyes when you make love?

Do you open or do you close your eyes when you make love?

Do you open or do you close your eyes when you make love? Well! The question is a little bite awkward at first but it actually makes lot of sense when we think about it. When we close our eyes, one could say that he or she is more in touch with her imagination than he or she is with the person in front him or her. If somebody is shy, closing his eyes could help the person to do things that otherwise he or she would have never done if his or her eyes were opened while they were making love. One could argue that this is precisely why “turning on and of the light” have been invented. Indeed by turning the light of, one can go crazy and pretend that it is not really him or her. Thank God for the darkness. We can always count on it to lie to ourselves whenever we feel the need to.

When our eyes are closed, it is true that we can let go easier and maybe faster than if our eyes were open. Now, closing our eyes give us the possibility to be within our imagination and maybe to abandon ourselves more than we would have done if our eyes were opened. If we are more in touch with our imagination when we make love, it is therefore fair to ask if we are making love with the person we are with or if we are making love with our self through our imagination. If imagination plays a big role, it means that we never really sleep with anyone else other than our self.

Alright! I got you. One can say that this is an extreme case of jealousy. Indeed, if one wants to control or stop another one from closing his eyes when they are making love because it would mean that he or she is not focussed on him or her, it could be very problematic. I agree, going in that direction is completely insane because as long as you have your pleasure and everything you expected from the sexual encounter, who really cares if the person spent more time closing his or her eyes than opening them. Who care if the person spent more time being in his or her imagination when she or he was making love? As long as the two partners are satisfied, it should not matter.

Having said that, it does not change the fact that making love to someone is primarily making love to our self first. It depends firstly on our ability to make love to our self. If we can not do that, it is going to be extremely difficult for us to achieve anything of any importance. The partner or lover can help us go wherever we want and we can even reach the place we want to go if he or she is skilful but if we are not entirely ready and dedicated to make love to our self, we might reach orgasm but we would hardly be completely in touch with our self.


More and more African American women have never been asked to be married

More and more African American women have never been asked to be married

Well! We often hear that African American women are dating more and more outside of their race. Let’s be precise, we often hear that African American women with high education and high ranking position in the society prefer dating outside of their race. Let’s be even more precise, we hear more and more that highly educated and high ranking African American women rather date white men than black men. Another statistic came out the other day saying that more and more African American women have never been asked to be married.

Every time a statistic comes about that subject, the media, black people, commentators, talk-show are jumping on the news and talk about the “what could push those women to go out with white men” or the “what could be the problem with those women” or the “what could be the problem with black men”. Of course this could not be a natural thing, it has to be because there is a problem either with them or with black men or with men or the society in general. I am not even saying that black women are thinking like this. I am saying that the whole society is thinking like this.

The society and black people often come up with different reasons that are revolving around the problems that they had with black men. It is common to hear those women say that they have difficulties to find black men who could match their social status, their standards or their expectations. They talk about the cheating problem and the venereal diseases that are coming with it, the beating that occurs from times to times etc. Ahhahahaah!!!! What can I say? BLACK MEN, it is your fault. Actually everything is your fault.

Some statistics are saying that more and more highly educated African American are single or are marrying outside of their race or have never been asked to be married. When the numbers are out, everybody compares them with the numbers of other races and they explained it by saying that there is a high number of black women than men, many black men are in jail, many black men do not have a job and therefore the consequences are that more black women are single.

Now, I just have one question. Why should people get married? Where is it written that people must be married? Why is it that people think that there is something wrong about being single? The numbers are showing a trend that is on every race. More and more women are single. It is therefore not necessarily a black women issue although the numbers are higher in that community as it is a general trend that is occurring not only the US but also in the entire world.


Anger and violence

Anger and violence

Let the anger you have in you to stand in your body. Do not try to resist it. Your body can handle it as long as you do not defend yourself against it. Let your body feel that anger. Once your body would have felt it, you will see the birth of violence.  Allow the violence within you to rise but do not react. When it comes up, clean it and allow it to leave you.

Do not hold on to it. Do not run away from it. Do not fight it. Do not use it to harm others. Do not express it by hurting others. Do not let it blind you. Do not hurt yourself because of it. Just look at it and clean it. That’s all you have to do.

Once the violence is gone, your anger will have no arm to express itself and you will be able to forgive yourself for the situation you are in that is causing this anger. You will be able to be patient and caring about yourself. You will treat yourself with kindness and softness. The more you treat yourself with love, the less anger you have within yourself and the more patient you are with you.

Understanding himself through cats’ fights

Understanding himself through the cats’ fights

Since Jane was about to leave for Sheerbroke to continue her studies there, she thought that it would be a good idea to have a cat. The house she was living in with her roommates, few of them had cats and she grew a liking for them. Since Sheerbroke was a new city for her and she knew no one there, she decided to have a cat with her in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness that she saw coming like a gigantic plague in her future Sheerbroke life.

She had been looking for cat since her exams were over. She had mentioned it to her roommates at home and colleagues at work that she wished to have a cat. One of her colleagues named Cassandra saw on a web site that a couple had found two new cats and they wished to offer one to who ever was interested. When Cassandra saw the ad, she immediately thought about Jane and the next morning, she told her about it and they went to the website. She fell in love with that cat the moment she saw it. It was a female cat that was three weeks old. Although she had not envisioned having a cat before leaving Montreal, when she saw it, she ceased the opportunity and decided to take it. Three reasons made her take the cat. First, she was madly attracted to it, secondly she did not know if she was going to find another one that would be as cute as the one she saw on the internet that day and thirdly once she had this cat, she no longer had to worry about getting one. It was as if one problem was solved.

Indeed, having the cat handy was taking off her shoulders a big weight. The loneliness she was afraid of would not frighten her as much. She knew that she would have something to take care of other than herself and something that would depend on her when she would arrive in Sheerbroke. The cat would anticipate her arrival at home when they would be in Sheerbroke and would miss her when she will leave to go to work or university. With the cat around her, her life would not be empty. She would have something to touch, to caress, to hold and to take care off. Coming home would mean something. The cat would make her want to go home. Instead of focussing entirely on her studies which could be at times extremely boring, she would have something else to take her mind off university, studies and her loneliness.

She called the couple and scheduled an appointment on the same day to take the cat. When she got it, she called home to tell her roommates that she would bring home a cat with her. She wondered if it was alright with them and they all said that there was absolutely no problem. When she arrived home later that evening, she was extremely excited to show it to everyone. They all came around her cat and they all commented on the size of the new white and black baby cat. She kept on saying that the cat was cute. She kept on asking everyone in the house: “how can anybody not loving her cute little kitty.” Everybody kept on agreeing with her and congratulated her on her new baby. She was right, it was an adorable little, tiny female cat. Anyone who would have seen it would have loved it.


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